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New Strains Alert: Medusa, Purple Chemdawg, Emerald Jack, American Kush, and Key Lime Pie

The much-needed weekend has almost arrived, which means it's about time to snuggle up with your favorite relaxing indica or get out and see the world with a nice, uplifting sativa. Whichever you prefer, we've added new options for you to explore, rate, and review! Here are five of the most in-demand strains according to your requests via the Leafly app, but be sure to check out other new additions here.

   1. Medusa

Characteristics of Medusa:

   2. Purple Chemdawg

Characteristics of Purple Chemdawg:

   3. Emerald Jack

Characteristics of Emerald Jack:

   4. American Kush

Characteristics of American Kush:

   5. Key Lime Pie

Characteristics of Key Lime Pie: