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New Strains Alert: Mendo Afgoo, Magnificent Mile, White Tygh Dream, and More

Published on September 1, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
New Strains Alert: Mendo Afgoo, Magnificent Mile, White Tygh Dream, and More

Welcome back to Leafly’s New Strains Alert! This week we have two landrace strains from Afghanistan and Iran, three twice-deep genetic crosses, and much more.

Magnificent Mile and White Tygh Dream are indica-dominant transplants from the homeland of some of the world’s oldest cannabis genetics. As a strain hunter and all-around lover of cannabis, it’s nice to see growers seeking out and preserving old world genetics as a touchstone to the long history of this noble flower. These acts of preservation are one of the few ways cannabis consumers can share in the unique flavors and effects of geographically specific strains without a plane or passport.

MC1, Purple Raine, and WTF blend a series of strains together to achieve their unique effects. Many crosses are created to isolate specific flavors or effects, while others are an exciting genetic gamble with the possibility to produce something totally unexpected.

But that’s not all! Find these strains and more right here on Leafly.com, and as always, if you’ve had the pleasure of any of these funky flowers, leave a review and help inform the community.

Happy Labor Day!

Leafly MC1 hybrid cannabis strain

MC1 was gifted to Subcool of TGA Genetics in seed form. Sadly, while the strain was making its way to Subcool, the breeder (MC1) was killed in an accident. Ten seeds were then given to Urb_Man to pheno hunt and one stood out amongst the seven females that sprouted. This singular flower was worthy of carrying on the breeder’s name and rarely appears across the West Coast. MC1 is a cross of OG KushSour Diesel, and Arcata Trainwreck.

Leafly Magnificent Mile indica cannabis strain
Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile by Ataraxia is an Iranian landrace propagated in the great state of Illinois. This heavy bud grow dense flower speckled with vivid hues of purple and orange. The strain’s aroma is a mixture of earthy spice and diesel while the effects lay into the body, helping mitigate pain, stress, and restlessness. Magnificent Mile gets its name from Chicago’s own “Magnificent Mile” stretch of Michigan Avenue, which is known for its opulent skyscrapers and twinkling city lights.

Leafly The Gift hybrid cannabis strain
The Gift

The Gift is a Ringo’s Gift backcross created from seeds gifted to UV Organics by Lawrence Ringo’s son. This potent CBD-dominant hybrid offers a slight bent on the original Ringo’s Gift genetics in terms of flavor and aroma while keeping its robust cannabinoid profile intact. The Gift creates massive CBD/THC ratios like its forebear, but offers sweeter, fruit-forward notes that contrast against the foresty bouquet of Ringo’s Gift. This strain is ideal for consumers seeking calming, anti-inflammatory effects without much headiness due to its nearly nonexistent THC content.

Leafly Mendo Afgoo indica cannabis strain
Mendo Afgoo

Mendo Afgoo is an unknown cross that has recently sprouted up on menus in cannabis dispensaries up and down the West Coast. The genetics are somewhat contested, with some claiming the strain is an Afgooey rebranded and others inferring parental genetics via nomenclature (Mendocino Madness x Afghani). The effects of the strain uplift the mind while saddling the body with a creeping heaviness. Mendo Afgoo is pungent and earthy, expressing deep green buds with coppery hair. Its stress-relieving effects make it a natural fit for the end of the day.

Leafly Purple Raine hybrid cannabis strain
Purple Raine

Purple Raine is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Purple Candy Kush x OG Kush x Chemdawg. This strain was bred by Taylor Lane Farms exclusively for 831 Organiks in the Summer of 2015 and is bursting with sweet, fruity aromas. Its genetics are built around potency and euphoria, leading to a heady rush of THC that naturally cascades over the body. Enjoy Purple Raine later in the evening to maximize the physical enjoyment this strain has in store.

Leafly WTF hybrid cannabis strain

WTF by White Tygh Farms is an odd cross of CBD-dominant genetics that sprouted a THC-dominant flower. Naturally, White Tygh Farms exclaimed, “WTF!” and thus the strain was born. This cross of HarlequinSour Tsunami, and Cannatonic leans on recessive genetic qualities that are easy on the body while energizing the mind. Master grower Cole Fritcher had difficulty describing the aroma, but articulated its oddity and uniqueness with pride. Think Tang powder sweetened with essence of blueberries and composted earth. WTF hits mid-level in terms of potency while helping to soothe anxiety and minor physical pain.

Leafly White Tygh Dream indica cannabis strain
White Tygh Dream

White Tygh Dream is White Tygh Farms’ flagship strain. This Afghani landrace was planted and meticulously cultivated in Oregon’s Tygh Valley, and it’s said to possess archetypal indica-dominant effects and outstanding potency. White Tyge Dream emits a well-rounded bouquet of citrus and earthen, floral notes with a clean, savory finish. This strain has been utilized for minor pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress, and will inevitably lead you closer to rest with continued consumption.

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