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New Strains Alert: Motavation, Leonidas, Blue Cookies, Bogart, and More

​Another batch of new strains have been entered, and we're curious to see how many you've tried! We've got new Girl Scout Cookie hybrids for the Cookie lovers and Spartan warlord-themed sativas for fans of brutality ripped dudes in capes. Even more new varieties can be found in the Leafly Explorer (remember: you can sort by newest or you can use our strain filters to select from custom effects, flavors, and benefits).

All right, strain hunters — go forth, explore, and document your adventures in a strain review!


Leafly Motavation cannabis strain tile 1. Motavation

Characteristics of Motavation:


Leafly Leonidas cannabis strain tile 2. Leonidas

Characteristics of Leonidas:


Leafly Blue Cookies cannabis strain tile 3. Blue Cookies

Characteristics of Blue Cookies:


Leafly Nova cannabis strain tile 4. Nova

Characteristics of Nova:


Leafly Bogart cannabis strain tile 5. Bogart

Characteristics of Bogart:


Leafly Super Bud cannabis strain tile 6. Super Bud

Characteristics of Super Bud:


Leafly Sunshine cannabis strain tile 7. Sunshine

Characteristics of Sunshine: