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New Strains Alert: OG Cheese, Colombian Gold, Kali China, Cheesewreck, and Schrom

From the mountains of Colombia to the hills of China, we'd like to introduce you to some new strains that will expand your global palate. Genetics from the U.K. contributed to the birth of OG Cheese and Cheesewreck, two potent hybrids that deliver jarring euphoria with that unmistakable sour smell from Cheese. Colombian Gold is a classic sativa landrace strain from South America, and China Yunnan was bred using native genetics from southern China. Last, we've added Schrom, a sativa-dominant strain from the U.S. that fills the room with a pungent lemon and lime aroma.

Are these strains in your corner of the world? Rate and review the ones you've tried, and let us know if they're worth seeking out!

   1. OG Cheese

Characteristics of OG Cheese:

   2. Colombian Gold

Characteristics of Colombian Gold:

   3. Kali China

Characteristics of Kali China:

   4. Cheesewreck

Characteristics of Cheesewreck:

   5. Schrom

Characteristics of Schrom: