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New Strains Alert: OG Glue Sniffer, Buckeye Purple, Golden Lemon, and More

Welcome back to another New Strains Alert! This week we’re sharing indicas and hybrids from all over the country and around the world. Barney’s Farm brings the queso with its Triple Cheese strain. This pungent indica-dominant flower will tickle the nostrils of fromagers and seasoned consumers alike.

Another fragrant treat for your olfactory sense is the aptly titled OG Glue Sniffer, consisting of GG4 x Grateful Breath. Loud and full of funk, this relaxing hybrid hits hard and fades slow, making it a great strain for long afternoons.

If zesty terpenes are more your pace, light up a pinch of Golden Lemon. This Kosher Kush x Lemon Skunk cross has the makings of an instant classic, and I personally can’t wait to hunt down this dank darling.

Find these strains and more right here at Leafly, and don’t forget, if you’d had the privilege of enjoying any of these fine cuts of cannabis, share your experience (and the love!) by leaving a review.

Leafly Buckeye Purple indica cannabis strain   Buckeye Purple

Buckeye Purple by Melvanetics is an indica-dominant cross of heavy genetics. Created by breeding Gorilla Grape and Granddaddy Purple, this beautiful cross produces pink and purple colas that reek of sweet floral terpenes. Buckeye Purple is known for its deep relaxation and leaden couchlock, as well as its reasonable flowering time of approximately 7 to 8 weeks.

Leafly OG Glue Sniffer hybrid cannabis strain   OG Glue Sniffer

OG Glue Sniffer is an award-winning hybrid from Matanuska Thunder Seeds. Winning 1st place at the 2016 Anchorage Cannabis Classic for Best Hybrid, OG Glue Sniffer incorporates the generous trichome production and pungent aroma of GG4 with the OG and Cookie funk of its Grateful Breath father. This loud genetic synthesis infuses the limbs with waves of warm relaxation while stimulating a strong euphoric buzz between the ears.

Leafly Golden Lemon hybrid cannabis strain   Golden Lemon

Golden Lemon by DNA Genetics is citrusy strain with a potent punch. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, and emits a distinctly pungent herbal, citrus aroma that speaks to its parentage. The effects immediately hit the consumer between the eyes, leaving bright, sizzling euphoria in the mind. Golden Lemon melts over the body and shows its sedating indica-dominant side with heavy consumption. Testing in at an average 23% THC, Golden Lemon is suited for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

Leafly Chemnesia hybrid cannabis strain   Chemnesia

Chemnesia has been dubbed one of the most powerful strains in Illinois by its breeder, Bedford Grow. This genetic synthesis of Amnesia Sour Diesel and I-95 offers consumers invigorating mental and physical effects that help combat fatigue, depression, and inflammation. The potent strain can also promote focus and creativity in the proper dose. Emitting a pleasant aroma of citrus and fuel, Chemnesia’s terpene and cannabinoid profile make for a quality sativa-dominant hybrid.

Leafly Orange Afghani indica cannabis strain   Orange Afghani

Orange Afghani by Bedford Grow is a heavy indica with bright terpenes. Created by crossing an Orange Ghost mother and a Lashkar Gah/White ‘91 father, Orange Afghani inherits tart citrus terpenes overlain by a sweet, floral undertone native to many traditional Kush cuts. This strain has a happy, euphoric buzz that couples well with its functional relaxation. Orange Afghani is also known to produce high levels of the terpene terpinolene.

Leafly IFC OG indica cannabis strain   IFC OG

IFC OG by Intergalatikz is a frosty indica strain with pungent terpenes and pleasantly sedating effects. Created by crossing Stardust OG and OG Kush, IFC OG’s light green foliage and skunky, chemical-filled aroma speak to the strain’s lineage and relaxing body effects. Noted for having a THC content between 20-27%, IFC OG’s potent indica genetics make this strain an ideal companion for lazy days.

Leafly Triple Cheese indica cannabis strain   Triple Cheese

One cheese, two cheese, Old Cheese crossed with Blue Cheese! Triple Cheese, by world-renowned breeder Barney’s Farm, brings classic Cheese genetics together with a sweet Cheese hybrid. This odoriferous union combines the earthy, cave-aged funk of Old Cheese and the sweet and savory bouquet of Blue Cheese, creating a one-of-a-kind terpene profile. Known to consistently reach 22% THC or higher, this manageable plant offers Cheese lovers new levels of complexity while preserving enjoyable effects.

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