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New Strains Alert: Pineapple Jack, Double OG, Green Goddess, Kilimanjaro, and White Cheese

Published on February 7, 2015 · Last updated November 18, 2022

Many thanks to our Leafly app users who requested new strains this week! Did your strain submission make it into Leafly’s database this time around ? Yes? Great. Now make it your ultimate mission to rate it, leave a review, and maybe upload some photos while you’re at it. We’ve highlighted five new additions below, but keep scrolling down to check out even more new strains or simply go to the Leafly Explorer and sort by newest.

Leafly Pineapple Jack cannabis strain tile
   1. Pineapple Jack

Characteristics of Pineapple Jack:

Pineapple Jack is a mostly sativa cannabis strain whose Jack Herer and Pineapple genetics collide, combining their soaring, blissful effects in unison. Tropicalfruit and citrus flavors meet the earthy, piney taste of Jack Herer in an unusual pairing of island and tundra aromas. Weightless euphoria lifts the spirits, helping you keep your chin held high amidst stress and depression while still leaving you feeling active and productive.

Leafly Double OG cannabis strain tile
   2. Double OG

Characteristics of Double OG:

Double OG combines the powerhouse indica properties of Big Bud Afgoo and SFV OG to create a sedating strain ideal for body aches and sleepless nights. Though often regarded as too potent for novices, Double OG’s knock-out effects are well-suited for experienced consumers with a high THC tolerance. Deep relaxation of the mind and body brings relief to stress and anxiety while also calming muscle spasms, tremors, and pain.

Leafly Green Goddess cannabis strain tile
   3. Green Goddess

Characteristics of Green Goddess:

Green Goddess is an indica-dominant hybrid that descends from Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica. With an aroma that blends notes of rose with ruby red grapefruit, this hybrid offers a divine flavor profile that brings justice to her name. Crystal-coated emerald buds are wrapped with vibrant amber hairs in a display as enticing as Green Goddess’ fragrance. Blissful euphoria rushes through the mind, bringing with it a surge of focus and intrigue while eradicating life’s stressors.

Leafly Kilimanjaro cannabis strain tile
   4. Kilimanjaro

Characteristics of Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro is a pure sativalandrace from the mountain slopes of Kenya, where it was originally cultivated for use in hunting and religious practice by the native population. Tribes commonly referred to this strain as the “elephant stomper” and utilized it for its energetic, hyper effects. Its aroma carries notes of lemonycitrus and fruit, and Kilimanjaro’s tall growth makes it ideal for outdoor or greenhouse gardens.

Leafly White Cheese cannabis strain tile
   5. White Cheese

Characteristics of White Cheese:

White Cheese from Zambeza Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Cheese genetics with Super Skunk and Afghani. It carries the skunkycheese aroma with an earthy note and provides relaxing indica effects without being a total knock-out. Its euphoric buzz keeps away stress and anxiety. The short flowering cycle, compact nature, and large yields make White Cheese especially attractive to growers.

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