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New Strains Alert: Strawberry Fields, Kona Gold, Blurple, Blackberry Trainwreck, and More

These strains have just been added to the Leafly Explorer! For the ones you've tried, you should leave a review reminiscing over all the good times with that strain. If you haven't had the chance to test any of these varieties out, don't fret — the links below will tell you whether or not that strain is being offered at a shop near you.


Leafly Strawberry Fields cannabis strain tile 1. Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields by Sagarmatha Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that takes the flavorful Strawberry Cough and crosses it with an undisclosed indica parent. This strain is destined for consumers who love that strawberry aroma, but would prefer something more tranquilizing than the Strawberry Cough sativa. Its heavier effects also make Strawberry Fields a better choice for patients treating pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

Find out which locations are currently carrying Strawberry Fields


Leafly Blurple cannabis strain tile 2. Blurple

Blurple, also known as Blue Dream Purple, is a balanced hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Mendocino Purps. Its effects position themselves cerebrally at first, with gentle body relaxation that keeps you feeling light and free of tension. Drawing from both sides of the family, Blurple carries a sweet, dessert-like berry and grape aroma that comes to life on the inhale. This strain earns its name as bluish purple hues swirl throughout Blurple’s green buds.

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Leafly Kona Gold cannabis strain tile 3. Kona Gold

Kona Gold is a sativa strain that has traveled far from its native origin, the volcanic soils of Hawaii’s Big Island. Soaring cerebral-focused euphoria captures the mind while leaving the body light and functional, making this sativa a perfect pair with or replacement for your morning cup of coffee. A tropical medley of pineapple and citrus flavors are cut by a sharp sour aroma that could almost be compared to diesel fuel. The authentic Kona Gold is unique to its mineral-rich homeland, but its replications overseas still have much to offer sativa enthusiasts.

Kona Gold is currently available at QPC in Everett, WA


Leafly Skunk 47 cannabis strain tile 4. Skunk 47

Skunk 47, offspring of Skunk #1 and AK-47, is a sour-smelling hybrid strain that leans far to the indica side of the family. Bred by World of Seeds Bank, Skunk 47’s parents were selected for pungent aromas and fast flowering cycles. Additionally, Skunk 47 plants have a high resistance to mold and pests. Its indica tendencies come out strong in this strain’s effects, delivering a crushing heaviness perfect for stubborn pain or sleepless nights.

Find out which locations are currently carrying Skunk 47


Leafly Blackberry Trainwreck cannabis strain tile 5. Blackberry Trainwreck

Blackberry Trainwreck, or Blackberry Wreck, is a hybrid strain parented by two notable varieties, Blackberry Kush and Trainwreck. Led by indica genetics, Blackberry Trainwreck typically grows into chunky, dense conic buds that offer a sweet and earthy mix of berry flavors. Tension and stress melt away from the body on the exhale while the mind elevates to lighthearted positivity.

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Leafly Whitaker Blues cannabis strain tile 6. Whitaker Blues

Whitaker Blues is a classic indica-dominant strain that blends genetics from Quimby (a West Coast indica) and Blueberry. Breeder DJ Short is famous for his Blueberry line, but this strain was actually developed by his son, JD. A true indica in appearance and effect, Whitaker Blues grows into stout bushy plants and delivers a sedating stone that leaves you feeling heavy with dreamy bliss. Its flavors can span the entire spectrum of sweetness, so you may find yourself detecting anything from floral vanilla to fruity citrus. Whitaker Blues’ effects are initially enlivening but taper down into a deep transcendental calm conducive for meditation or lazy days.

Find out which locations are currently carrying Whitaker Blues


Leafly Double Barrel OG cannabis strain tile 7. Double Barrel OG

Double Barrel OG offers a double shot of OG genetics as this hybrid combines White Fire OG with Raskal’s OG Kush. Its dense, resin-packed buds give rise to flavors both sweet and sour, a pungent fusion of sweet lemons and fuel-drenched pine. This hybrid travels straight to the head, launching you into thick euphoric lucidity that lets you forget any heaviness in mind or body. As the acute effects settle, Double Barrel OG eases you into a motivated and functional buzz perfect for afternoon productivity.

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