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New Strains Alert: Tardis, Glass Apple, Dutch Crunch, and More

Happy Friday and welcome back to Leafly’s New Strain Alert! This week’s offering has a few nods to movie and television characters as well as crowd-pleasing genetics. Dr. Who’s famous phone booth earned a spot on the list with a stimulating pairing of Oregon Diesel and Trainwreck. Fred Flipn’ Stoned is a page right out of history, derived from Stinky Steve’s own Straight A’s Haze x Pink Champagne Kush. Blue Steel is a powerful pose, but when it’s not making waves on the catwalk it’s wowing consumers with pungent, fruity terpenes.

Find these strains and more right here at Leafly. If you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy any of these genetic crosses, leave a review so you can share your experience with the community!

Leafly Fred Flipn' Stoned indica cannabis strain   Fred Flipn’ Stoned

Fred Flipn’ Stoned is another wild herb plucked from the gardens of Shaman Stinky Steve and Cereal Killer Genetics. This immensely potent flower emits a fruity Haze aroma intermixed with herbal and floral terpenes that emanate off this strain’s light green nugs. Created by crossing Straight A’s Haze and Pink Champagne Kush, the squat plant offers truly intoxicating effects. Stinky Steve recommends utilizing this strain at the end of the day to thoroughly enjoy the debilitating stoney effects native to Fred Flipn’ Stoned.

Leafly Marcosus Marhmellow hybrid cannabis strain   Marcosus Marshmellow

Marcosus Marshmellow is a GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) phenotype grown by Remedy Cultivation. Named for its cloudy white trichomes and sticky buds, this strain stinks of sweet, minty terpenes with an enjoyable earthy undertone. Marcosus Marhmellow imbues consumers with a happy, relaxing buzz. The strain’s pleasant euphoria can help improve mood, stimulate appetite, and assist with restlessness.

Leafly Blue Steel indica cannabis strain   Blue Steel

Blue Steel by Exotic Genetix is an indica-dominant strain with fruit-forward flavors. Created by crossing the pungent OG Blueberry and The Cube, a Starfighter F3 phenotype bred in-house, Exotic Genetix has outdone itself with this subtly sedative crowd-pleaser. The flavor and aroma are thick with the scent of blueberries and the nugs are smothered in a layer of frosty trichomes. Enjoy this strain throughout the day to boost mood and appetite while promoting a creative headspace.

Leafly Tardis sativa cannabis strain   Tardis

Tardis, or “The Tardis,” is a sativa-dominant strain with far-out cerebral  effects. Appropriating the title of Dr. Who’s famous phone booth, Tardis is a cross of Oregon Diesel and Trainwreck. This heady pairing lands behind the eyes, saddling the mind with euphoria and introspective thoughts. These attributes make Tardis a strong mood enhancer, teasing at the consumer’s imagination and creativity while helping abate stress. Respect this strain’s potency, as it has been reported to reach upwards of 26% THC.

Leafly Glass Apple hybrid cannabis strain   Glass Apple

Glass Apple is an award-winning strain from The Dandelion Co. out of Boulder, CO. This cross of Pineapple Express and Glass Slipper won Best Hybrid at the 2013 Rooster Classic. Having the aroma of freshly-cut Granny Smith apples and offering well-rounded sativa-dominant effects, Glass Apple firmly lands in a sweet spot for consumers seeking a functional buzz while boosting energy and cannabinoid intake.

Leafly Purple Tide hybrid cannabis strain   Purple Tide

Purple Tide by Botanica Farms is an indica-dominant hybrid with fantastic foliage and balanced effects. Created by crossing OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, this strain gets its name from the deep purple hues throughout the plant. It may look purely sedative, but the uplifting euphoria and calming effects speak to its placement as a hybrid. Purple Tide’s terpene profile is earthy and rich while expressing notes of citrus and berry on the exhale. Mind your dosage to keep this strain functional, as it can become weighty with continued consumption.

Leafly Dutch Crunch hybrid cannabis strain   Dutch Crunch

Dutch Crunch is an intercontinental hybrid bringing the Netherlands and America a little closer together. This wonderfully aromatic strain is created by crossing Jack Herer with Dutch Treat, resulting in a stimulating hybrid cross of zestful genetics. Expressing bright citrus notes and traditional Dutchy aromas, Dutch Crunch is an uplifting cross that may assist with migraines, stress, and ADD.

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