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Next level wake ‘n’ bake with coffee-ish cannabis strains

Next level wake ‘n’ bake with coffee-ish cannabis strains

Hannah Meadows
May 23, 2018
(Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)
A relaxing wake and bake is my go-to weekend morning ritual. If you’re like me, you love pairing a particularly buzzy strain
with a strong cup of coffee to get the most out of this classic stoney day starter. But if you’re cutting caffeine or just want to double up on the scent of a freshly brewed mug, fragrant cannabis can be the answer to your coffee cravings.

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Below, some tips on pairing certain cannabis scents with your favorite coffee
aroma. Now you too can take your regularly scheduled wake and bake to the next level.

Chocolate Thaichocolate thai cannabis strain

A coffee and cannabis lover’s dream lies in the uplifting Chocolate Thai
strain. With a strong mix of coffee and chocolate flavors, pungent nugs of this classic landrace
firmly puts the “bake” in “wake and bake.” Load up a bong, crush those coffee beans, pet your dog, and spend the morning making your favorite breakfast to celebrate a much needed day off. 

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malawi cannabis strain

wears a coat of resin that, when smoked, can produce extra energetic
effects. A strain that’s truly spirited, this flower-forward
number will enhance your exercise routine
or give you that extra pop of intensity for crushing work assignments. A touch of coffee follows the finish to end your wake and bake on a high note.

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chocolope cannabis strain

Stress is no match for the earthy
and delicious Chocolope
. With sweet coffee notes imbedded in its make-up, roll up a joint with this vivid and cerebral strain for a day packed with creativity, focus, and charm. You may find Chocolope’s optimistic
effects lingering throughout the day for hours of cheery relaxation.

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Caramel Candy Kush

caramel candy kush cannabis strain

Skip the sugar-high mochas and reach for Caramel Candy Kush
 to start your day on the sweet side—or treat yo’self and go for both! Notes of caramel and fruit
 hit your senses first, and a light coffee finish carries you off before tackling the remainder of the day.

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tangilope cannabis strain

Just like a strong cup of coffee, Tangilope
will leave you bursting with energy and ready to take on the day. It’s a great choice for weekends spent running errands, doing chores, and getting back on track. A hint of coffee accompanies heavy citrus
flavors for a truly buzzy taste. Keep this strain in your repertoire for particularly busy days.

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Bubba Kush

bubba kush cannabis strain

Bubba Kush
offers a mouthwatering blend of chocolate and coffee in its sweeter
notes. Light this strain up for an extra-chill morning and a relaxing body ease. Leafly users love this tasty classic and its penchant for delivering dreamy bliss. 

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