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Pick Up These Patriotic Strains for Independence Day

To celebrate America's Independence Day, we’ve compiled reviews for strains that have made our Leafly reviewers feel particularly patriotic. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend sparking these strains while watching fireworks, enjoying tasty treats at your best friend’s BBQ, or just lazing around lakeside on a sunny summer day. Happy 4th of July, everyone!


Some strains wake you up with American passion:

Leafly SAGE hybrid cannabis strain tile



Okay, so Led Zeppelin is not the most patriotic music to listen to, but America is all about that FREEDOM!

Leafly UK Cheese hybrid cannabis strain tile

Baked like an apple pie on the 4th of July!! enjoy with Led Zeppelin for the full experience. Whiteside420


Some strains make you feel like you’ve fulfilled your patriotic duty:

Leafly Obama Kush indica cannabis strain tile

Smoking weed is the most patriotic thing I've ever done. Meighan


This strain is basically just a big ol’ firework in your cerebrum:

Leafly Blue Dream hybrid cannabis strain tile

Senses lit up like the 4th of July. westcoastload


For when you are overwhelmed with the love of cannabis and country:

Leafly Ghost OG hybrid cannabis strain tile

The best strain I've ever smoked and the prettiest I've ever seen. God bless America. zonnes


How toasty are you hoping to get? How baked? How cooked? Are you hungry yet?

Leafly Sour Tangie sativa cannabis strain tile

Okay I smoked a few bongs rips of this, and my girlfriend was completely toasted like the meatball sub at Subway. Honestly, roasted like a Jetpuffed Marshmallow. Seriously baked like an apple pie on July 4th, with fireworks blasting overhead. It was extremely patriotic. Entirely cooked. jamesm0792


Ponder the big questions this Independence Day:

Leafly Green Crack sativa cannabis strain tile

I would recommend smoking this with some friends who want to talk about the universe or why exit signs are green in America and Red in Canada.dustrox


Do you want to feel like an American hero and get the girl? A lofty goal, but maybe this strain could help:

Leafly Liberty Haze hybrid cannabis strain tile

HOLY SHIT, I feel like CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Is that freedom I smell? Wow, what an amazing, intense high… Even the body effects make you feel like a superhero! Everything is heightened. Euphoric. Laid back, easy-going. Relaxed, but still alert and ready for action! Save the day and get the girl, hell yes!! Don't forget the victory party! Oh, and by the way, it's not paranoia that some of you are feeling a hint of. No my friends, that's you looking for any excuse to save the day. Ha! No negative side effects here! Cannadise


And last, but not least, if you can’t find a patriotic strain, settle for one that will leave you feeling grand:

Leafly Island Sweet Skunk sativa cannabis strain tile

If you aren't able to find any of the patriotic ones during the 4th of July, then get this stuff to make the day grand.JohnnySativa420

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