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Quiz: How Should You Celebrate 4/20? Let Us Help You Plan It Out

April 11, 2017
Our favorite “unofficial” cannabis holiday is fast approaching and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you should do. After all, there are many events and happenings surrounding this glorious day, including comedy shows and wild trips to cannabis-centric getaways.

If you’re flush with decisions and need a little nudge in a certain direction, take our quiz to find out what best suits your preferences for celebration! Each result offers you some Leafly-approved products and activities that will make this coming 4/20 the best one yet.

Already have your 4/20 planned out? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Hannah Meadows

Hannah Meadows is an associate editor at Leafly, where she contributes to lifestyle content.

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  • Sam Wegener

    I think nice sunny weather and some great buds to smoke some good buds with is first priority. In Amsterdam there’s nice parks and friendly people so grab your cookies, weed, chocolate, bongs, vaporizers or pipes out and roll up! Happy 420 everyone 🙂

  • Bill Gallagher

    Being retired I like to wait as long as I can. I have a 3pm date with a cup of Joe and a joint. I love the green!!

  • I have to say that waking up bordered on all sides by states that have legalized pot is a wonderful liberating sensation. I never imagined in my wildest dreams pot would be legal. Gratitude for the liberty will be a large part of my activities.

  • horsemannv

    I don’t consider the “high” of cannabis to be the end point. It must facilitate a more important social, physiological or emotional need. My ideal cannabis high would facilitate mindfulness, social interaction and sexual arousal. The next most important to me would be relaxation WITHOUT couch lock, inner peaceful contemplation and creative motivation. Lastly, ability to focus, take action and complete the task at hand. As a senior citizen, I also appreciate all the research that has gone into medical studies on how cannabis can be used in the mitigation or even prevention or treatment of common diseases. I have used RSO to control melanoma for three years now. Amazing!!

    • Human Rights

      What strain works for soriatic arthritis? My husband has psorisis and it is bad, especially the pain. But no one can ever help us with the strain that should be working for it. No one has any info on what strain does what. Can you help me? You sound intelligent.

  • Jeka

    Love the results of my quiz, but the strains listed (God’s Gift, ACDC, and Shishkaberry) aren’t available in my area. Ugh.

    • Human Rights

      Don’t feel bad none of it is here where we live either. That is a major problem especially for the cost of everything!

      • Jeka

        Where are you located? I have been told by family that prices where I live are much higher than what they can purchase the same for (it is about 2 hours away from me)

  • Daniel

    Debbie Downer here, I’ll be working all damn day. And requesting 4-20 off seemed like an excellent way to get a “random” drug test.

    At least weed is legal where I am and I’ll probably get some interesting customers.

  • justadbeer

    Hmmm…a shameless plug for a bunch of products?

  • Human Rights

    Having affordable cannabis, having the strains that my husband needs to take the mega major 24 hour pain away, that would be the perfect 4/20 day celebration. Because of greed medical cannabis is beyond, way above and beyond the price it should be. It reminds me of the greed the NWO has. My husband will die in 24 hour mega pain because the medicine way too expense. I am so sick of greed! CT you need $150 to get started, then your year starts when the doc signs and logs in the computer. but your card you won’t see for weeks. So it is not a full year and they know it.
    You tell me how we should celebrate 4/20? Where is the fairness for Medical Marijuana Patients?