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Verified ‘Trinity’ & ‘Lake’ County California Cannabis Farms

Published on September 21, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Healthy, modern-day cannabis may soon be grown for scientific research, thanks to today's DEA announcement. (MStudioImages/iStock)

Learn how to identify and buy authentic heritage cannabis with this three-part series listing the farms of the famed Emerald Triangle. Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties comprise the US’ number one cannabis production region, but the Triangle is roiling as it adapts to California legalization. To better compete in the free market, California farms have exclusive rights to market their county of origin — like “Trinity” — and they’re listed with the state for the first time. Check it out.

Heritage for Sale

More and more consumers want to vote with their dollars for cannabis grown in America’s marijuana heartlands. Now, that’s easier than ever before.

  • Major brands like Loudpack and Flow Kana are marketing heritage farms
  • Three counties participate in a pilot program called CalOrigin, that uses tax stamps to verify heritage crops
  • The California Department of Agriculture is listing farms by county (see below). Falsely advertising Trinity County roots is now illegal.

Running low on flower?Heritage farmers are facing steep price declines and massive new costs as a reward for inventing modern cannabis in the Triangle. Comprised of three main counties, Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity, the triangle has produced classics like OG KushGranddaddy Purple, and Trainwreck since the ‘80s. We throw Lake in there for good measure, because Lake contributes mightily to regional production.

Counterfeit cannabis brands have long-undercut heritage farms, though. Just like counterfeit Gucci and Prada, counterfeit “Trinity County” is a global, multi-billion dollar business.Under California legalization Proposition 64, which passed in 2016, all commercial cannabis growers must be licensed and follow rules including not faking your county of origin. Only Trinity County growers can use “Trinity” in their names and packaging. Ditto for Humboldt, Mendocino, and elsewhere.

To support the heartland of cannabis production, look for these farms on dispensary menus. This list comes from the California Department of Food Agriculture’s database of registered cannabis cultivators by county, including: Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and Lake. We’ll update our heritage county farms list each quarter. *

(*Not all these growers can be found on shelves yet. They have to pass stringent Phase 2 pesticide and pathogen screening, among other hurdles.)

Authentic Cannabis Farms of Trinity County

Registered Trinity County Cannabis Growers:

  • 7 Leaf Fire
  • ABB Farms
  • Amalgamated Growers
  • Ardea
  • Barker Creek Farm
  • Boncha Farm
  • Botanika
  • Browns Mountain Farms
  • BTR & Son
  • California Better Direction
  • Calimax Farms
  • Camellia Farms
  • Catalyst Farms
  • Circle A Family Farm
  • Dimo P&D
  • Down River Farm
  • Emerald Green Organics
  • Farms Farm Farm
  • Farms of Trinity Forests
  • Flower Star
  • Forensic Fuels
  • Gaia Gardens
  • HH Organics
  • Hocker Meadow Medicinals
  • Jordan Davis
  • Jumong Hans
  • Kapnobatai
  • Lonestar Trade
  • Long & Co

Swami Select Farms, 2015. (David Downs/Leafly)

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  • McAlexander Ranch
  • Michael Pickens
  • Mountain Realty
  • Mountain View Oasis
  • Nikola Rakocevic
  • NorthCountry Farms
  • One Up Cloud
  • Pharm Aide Pharms
  • P.S Topshelf
  • Rainbow Farm
  • Rustic Farms
  • Sebastian Cantero
  • Serenity Garden
  • SLR Organic Farming
  • Sol Spirit Farm
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Solid Oak Agriculture Consulting Services
  • South Face Concentrates
  • South Fork Mountain Farms
  • Stanky Dank Farms
  • Sticky Icky Cannabis Co.
  • Sunshine Gardens
  • Telos Farms
  • Thalweg Farms
  • Tierra Trinity
  • Trifecta Hemp Cultivators
  • Trinitrees
  • Trinity Alps Collective
  • Trinity Heart Company
  • Trinity Herbal Company
  • Trinity Horticultural Company
  • Trinity Sungrown
  • Trinity Valley Organics
  • Tru Roots Solutions
  • Valley Of Plenty
  • Veteran Pharms
  • Weekapaug Grove
  • West Coast Native Growers
  • Whispering Pines Farm
  • White Oak Gardens
  • Wild Band of Mystics
  • Wildwood Road Farms
  • XMCT Farm
  • Zenterprise

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(David Downs/Leafly)

Authentic Cannabis Farms of Lake County

Registered Lake County Cannabis Growers:

  • Agronyca
  • Aster Farms
  • Clear Conscience Farm
  • Coast Oak
  • Golden State Herb
  • Konocti Farms
  • Lake County Private Reserve Holdings IV
  • Lower Lake Organics
  • Morgan Valley Ventures
  • Red Hills Organics
  • Spring Mountain
  • Sunbaked Farms
  • West Coast 009 Ecoland

Are we missing someone? Got farm news? Email California Editor David Downs at or message him on Instagram.

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