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Iceland’s Sigur Rós Steps Into Cannabis Game With Infused Gumdrops

There is nothing–I repeat, NOTHINGbetter than Sigur Rós and cannabis. And then the universe combined them.

Pairing a hefty cannabis-infused edible with a live Sigur Rós performance marks one of the most transcendental experiences of my lifetime, so when I read that the Icelandic band would be collaborating with California edible producer Lord Jones on a line of infused gumdrops, I thought, “Okay, yep, that makes sense.”

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Why Edibles?

Supposedly, nothing screams “Iceland” quite like the mixed berries used in these infused gumdrops (although my recent 30-mile hike through the highlands has me convinced the Icelanders survived solely off grass and volcanic rocks). Lord Jones’ new edible–dubbed “Wild Sigurberry”–uses a medley of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry flavors. They’ll also come in five different dose strengths (5mg/10mg/20mg of THC; 5:1 CBD:THC; and pure CBD) that cater to different experiences, whether you’re looking for just a tickle of THC or to rend your soul wide open at the first chord of Svefn-g-englar.

Why Sigur Rós?

If you’re asking this question, I invite you to spark a joint ASAP and boot up a few trippy Sigur Rós music videos. The music itself sounds as if the gods of land, sea, and sky formed a band (Thor on drums made of thunderstorms, Ægir would be playing a blue whale, etc.). But nope, those sounds are just Jónsi’s high-as-heaven voice and guitar strings rubbed with a violin bow. Sigur Rós is an auditory vessel that carries your mind to the grassy crags and fjord-cut landscapes of an otherworldly Iceland–now add to that the transcendental heights of an edible, and you’ll understand why Sigurberries make so much damn sense.

How Do I Obtain These Wild Sigurberries?


Unless you’re an authorized medical cannabis patient in the state of California, I have some terrible news: you can’t have them. Well, you can’t have the ones that’ll get you high, but you can order the non-intoxicating CBD gumdrops. California patients will be able to find THC and CBD varieties in select dispensaries in the state (check here).

What Is a Medical Marijuana Card?

Sigur Rós and Lord Jones will also be celebrating the product release with a sound bath at Hollywood’s NeueHouse on Tuesday, April 18th. You’ll not only be able to bask in the glorious chiming of singing bowls, you’ll also be able to sample Sigurberries while enjoying “multimedia collaborations” from Sigur Rós that include sound, film, and virtual reality. If you’ve never been to a sound bath, they can be described as a meditative journey guided by sound waves, leading us to deep internal peace, consciousness expanded, and emotions indescribable. Think of it as an auditory massage.

If you love Sigur Rós but are unable to go, don’t feel like you need to stand in the rain with your hands against the window’s glass. Pitchfork will be streaming their performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA starting at 8:50 PST/11:50 EST on Friday, April 14th. You can access the live stream through their homepage or via Facebook Live. Alternatively, get lost in some Sigur Rós playlists and albums or space out for 24 hours as you’re carried around the perimeter of Iceland to the sound of ambient tracks from the band in their project, Route One.