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Strain Highlight: Haze Wreck, the Perfect Sativa Storm

February 25, 2014

Generally speaking, sativas tend to be our go-to daytime strains for their energizing and uplifting qualities. While this rule does not necessarily hold true for all sativas, Haze Wreck flies the sativa flag higher than most with its narrow, loose buds and cerebrally-focused effects. The conditions under which Haze Wreck is grown can certainly affect things like its terpene content, but many other factors govern our responses to any given strain.

Strain Genetics

Genetics are typically the first thing we think of when considering the unique facets of a strain. After all, that’s generally how strains get named. Take Haze Wreck, for example: you can probably guess the legends that parented this sativa with just a glance at its name.

Haze Wreck’s parents, Trainwreck and Haze, come from a family of landrace strains, or cannabis varieties that grow natively in a geographic location. Having adapted to external conditions for so long, the optimally synergized compounds of these indigenous strains are coveted by growers. Lucky for us, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Haze Wreck brings us a little closer to some of the earliest foundational sativas.

Choose Your Weapon

Another influencer of our Haze Wreck experience is the method of consumption. Today’s cannabis culture offers us many different ways to enjoy our favorite cannabis varieties, from time-honored water pipes to innovative vaporizing devices. Each delivers its own unique subtleties, and while there are many other ways to enjoy Haze Wreck, here’s how it differs as a bowl, as a joint, and as vapor.

Water Pipe

Water pipes have a way of delivering the psychoactivity of flowers most quickly and intensely, and this is no less true with Haze Wreck. The onset is immediate, an electrifying cerebral sensation that never really sinks down to the body. Creativity, sensory awareness, and focus peak early on, but tend to fade faster than other methods of consumption. The speedy onset means fast relief for patients treating any symptoms requiring a high THC content.

The only crime committed by smoking Haze Wreck is the desecration of its complex tangy, citrus flavor profile when burnt.


There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with your favorite strain wrapped up in paper. A joint of Haze Wreck delivers long-lasting, enlivening cerebral effects followed by a relaxed body sensation. This clean-tasting Haze Wreck joint is rolled with cellulose papers, or transparent film made from organic compounds. Though more flavorful than joints wrapped in paper, the tropical flavor of Haze Wreck is somewhat overwhelmed by the harsh, hot smoke.


If you’re concerned with preserving the impeccable citrus taste of Haze Wreck, there’s no better way to partake than with a good vaporizer. Vaporizing this strain around 345°F (or 174ºC) effectively captures its aroma and therapeutic cannabinoids. The onset is gentle and less jarring, but its effects take a little longer to kick in than smoked methods. Patients needing a more balanced head and body sensation may prefer the relaxed, medicinal feel of Haze Wreck vapor.

Vaporized Haze Wreck maintains a focused and creative mindset, but over time, you may feel relaxation convert to spaciness.

Have you tried Haze Wreck? What do you think of this strain? Share your thoughts by leaving a review of Haze Wreck on the strain’s details page!