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Strain Highlight: Headband and Its Halo Effect

Strain Highlight: Headband and Its Halo Effect

Will Hyde
November 26, 2014

Have you had a chance to try Headband
yet? If not, let me introduce you to the sativa
-driven hybrid
that is regularly near the top of the Leafly Strain Explorer
with hundreds of ratings and reviews. Headband crosses two renowned strains, OG Kush
and Sour Diesel
, to create a powerful, stimulating effect on the mind. This high-flying hybrid is also known as Sour Kush
and has developed a reputation for the halo of cerebral activity it produces.

Cannabis strains often have silly names, everything from Cat Piss
to Green Crack
, but Headband’s name serves a purpose. The name Headband foreshadows the heady effects of the chunky green buds that are known to produce an immediate sensation around the crown of your head.

This crop of Headband I tried epitomizes what I have come to expect from the strain; a potent, day-time smoke that is full of citrus
zest and a pungent
note of diesel
fuel. As soon as I open the container the room is filled with the scent of sweet
, like Pine-Sol but without the tinge of ammonia
. The buds are compact and relatively uniform with swollen calyxes
dripping with resinous oils. When ground or broken down by hand the sharp gasoline fumes of Sour Diesel reveal themselves.

The first toke from a dry pipe produces a hot, dense smoke that rings with earthy
, floral
tones and peppery
. I prefer to use a water pipe
, with which Headband produces a much smoother finish and a creamier smoke. The percolation also emphasizes the citrus
zest this strain provides, a component that is further amplified when vaporized

The unparalleled effects of Headband take hold almost immediately when I begin to feel a slight pressure just above my brow, orbiting my entire skull. While some find this sensation to be unsettling, it is a sign of quality Headband genetics and one I happily embrace. Once you familiarize yourself with the aura that Headband simulates, a rush of creative
, cerebral energy
erupts and sparks you into imaginative action. Eventually, the racing brain activity mellows to provide a relaxing
and clearheaded body buzz. Leafly users applaud Headband’s happy
and euphoric

Test data from the Headband Strain FingerprintTM
, provided by Steep Hill Labs
show that high concentrations of the terpenes
Limonene and Myrcene are common with this strain. Headband’s zesty flavors of lemon and grapefruit
can be attributed to Limonene which is known to produce a bitter citrus aroma and can help suppress bouts of anxiety
. Myrcene, on the other hand, creates tranquil
effects that relax the body and enhance the psychoactive effects of other cannabinoids
like THC. The relatively high myrcene content for a sativa-dominant strain can be attributed to the influence of OG Kush in Headband’s bloodline.

If you enjoy powerful sativas that provide an uplifting and energetic buzz then you should give Headband a shot. And if you’ve already fallen in love with the unique head effects of this hybrid, let the Leafly community know how you feel by leaving a review of Headband on the strain’s details page
. Here are a few of my favorite Headband reviews:


“Fluffy strain, produces lots of kief for me, really has that headband aura effect around the head. Very uplifting, very happy and euphoric, relaxing but not couch-locked. Able to still function and do daily tasks. Definitely takes the edge off depression, relieves stress and anxiety, and just calms the body.” 


“This strain is by far the best tasting and power punching combination i have ever consumed … Before i even exhaled i felt it and when i exhaled it felt like someone grabbed a headband from my forehead and pulled it back and let it go knocking me into another dimension” 


“This hybrid is amazing. I felt completely relaxed but not couch locked. There was an incredible amount of euphoria with my mind going every which way. The calming effects lasted well after the high had dissipated. I suggest this strain especially for stress. You will be calm but able to carry out normal functions. A top shelf strain for sure.”