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Celebrate Chinese New Year With These 5 Strains

Celebrate Chinese New Year with These 5 Strains

Following the lunar calendar, the 2017 Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival) falls on January 28th. This year rings in the Year of the Fire Rooster (whose last appearance on the Chinese calendar dated back to 1957) and will be accompanied by two weeks of celebration flanked by firework shows and traditional lion dancing.

Those born under the fire rooster are thought to exude an attitude of trustworthiness and responsibility while maintaining the rooster’s other positive traits: activeness, popularity, honesty, and loyalty.

To join in the celebrations of this Chinese New Year, we decided to pair a few strains that exude the fire rooster’s best qualities.

Mango Haze

Leafly Mango Haze sativa cannabis strain

Sativa Mango Haze packs a fruity punch with its cerebral buzz and mango flavor. Its uplifting qualities speak directly to the fire rooster’s “active” and “popular” traits.


Leafly Permafrost hybrid cannabis strain

If this January chill has you turning blue, give the hybrid Permafrost a try. Despite the name, its only frosty elements come from its coat of crystal trichomes. Ease into this this strain for a relaxing body high that will set a joyous mood.

Sage N Sour

Leafly Sage N Sour sativa cannabis strain

Sage is a popular “life-giving” herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, so there’s no wonder why the sativa Sage N Sour made a spot on this list. Ring in the new year with a balance of euphoria and energy as you steep in this aromatic strain.

Flowerbomb Kush

Leafly Flowerbomb Kush indica cannabis strain

The indica Flowerbomb Kush won’t knock you out before celebrations are over. It’s “invigorating cerebral effects” balance out a floaty body high that will cruise you through the Chinese New Year’s two weeks of festivities.

Peaches and Cream

Leafly Peaches and Cream hybrid cannabis strain

Add a little sweetness to your celebrations with the delicious hybrid Peaches and Cream. Possessing a “heady euphoria,” this strain will keep you going through glowing nights full of fireworks.