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The 6 best strains for 6 end-of-summer pains

Published on August 30, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

I’ve got some sad news: Labor Day is almost here, which means summer is unofficially over. No more two-stepping with aunties at cookouts, no more Gucci flip-flops at pool parties, no more shotgunning White Claws on a paddleboat in the middle of the closest body of water.

It’s a tough time to cope with, but we’ve got your back on how to make it through the darkness. Try these six strains to cope with the downs of summer’s end.Stock Up for Fall

Pain: No More Fun-In-The-Sun Vacations

Strain: Jet Fuel

Summer is undeniably the best season to travel. People tend to be in stellar moods, cities have a plethora of social activities, and cannabis tastes so much sweeter after a flight to your favorite vacation destination. Unfortunately, the season for catching flights (not feelings) is coming to a close. For that reason, pick up some Jet Fuel. It has highly energetic effects that’ll remind you of stepping off a plane in a new location. Get loose while you still can.

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Pain: I’m Wedding-ed Out

Strain: Wedding Cake/Pink Cookies

Weddings suck. No, seriously—there’s not a single person in the world that gets excited when they receive a “Save the Date” in the mail, Especially when it arrives during the summer. Luckily, wedding season is also coming to a close. For that reason, scoop up Wedding Cake (aka Pink Cookies) to celebrate the occasion. Cram in one last taste of wedding cake before you put away those dancing shoes.

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Pain: The End of Summer Festival Season

Strain: LSD

Summer Music Festival is over. No more Coachella, no more Lollapalooza, and after this weekend, no more Burning Man. Your trippy meters are low, and you miss those psychedelic sensations of bliss and personal exploration. The solution is simple: buy some LSD.

No, not that LSD, it’s a cannabis strain that’ll give you a boost of energy and uplifting creativity. You may not hallucinate, but you’ll definitely smile at the trees that are breathing around you.

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Pain: Cuffing Season

Strain: Amnesia

We’re all adults here, so let’s not act like we haven’t been enjoying Summer Fling Season appropriately. But now it’s over and you know what’s right around the corner: cuffing season. Pretty soon everyone’s going to slide into their cold-weather relationship, and when that happens, you need to forget about the warmer nights where you went with the flow.

Amnesia is here to take care of all of that. It’s a strain that provides euphoric effects, which is great for when you kick back and think, “Dear Summer, we had a good run.”

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Pain: No White After Labor Day

Strain: Berry White

Labor Day means the end of the all-white linen suits. It’s a shame. But don’t worry, just because you can’t wear white, doesn’t mean you can’t smoke it. Barry White is a cross between two rockstars: Blueberry and White Widow, offering euphoric effects. It provides a comfortable high, reminiscent of the all-white linen jumpsuits you’ve been forced to put on ice until spring.

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Pain: I Cared About A Summer Body 🙁

Strain: Cheese

The single best part of summer ending is that you no longer have to care about your summer body. But let’s be real, we never started caring in the first place. For those that did, let me be the one to welcome you back to carbs and dairy with a cheesy suggestion. Cheese is a popular strain that’ll leave you upbeat and happy—just like when you eat a fresh mozzarella stick dipped in cool ranch.

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