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The Best Topicals in the Pacific Northwest: Part 1

There is one cannabis product which has recently taken the medical cannabis world by storm: topicals. 

Topicals are cannabis-infused creams, balms, sprays, etc., which are used to treat everything from arthritis to headaches to muscle soreness. While medical patients have been using these products for quite some time, topicals remain a mystery to the general population. 

First thing's first: no, topicals will not get you stoned. When applied externally, the cannabis that's infused in the product is absorbed into the skin tissue, triggering a reaction in the sensory nerves just below the skin. Using natural pain relievers, topicals create a safe, Icy Hot-like effect in a localized area. 

In our opinion, topicals are one of the top five best things that the cannabis industry has created. So, to pay them their due respect, we thought we’d scour the Pacific Northwest to find some of the best topicals on the market. We compiled a list of our favorites into two parts; here's part one.

Cannabis Basics

Based out of Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, Aimée Warner, the creator of Cannabis Basics, began her business in 1994 after encountering hemp products while she was pregnant with her daughter. Not only are Cannabis Basics products infused with active cannabis, but all products contain nutrient-rich fertile hemp seed oil. Jam-packed with omega fatty acids -3 and -6, fertile hemp seed oil acts as a super food for your skin. 

Our Favorite Product

The Cannabis Basics XXX Body Rescue Balm is a thick body butter that was the most-used product by the Leafly team. While many marijuana-infused products cannot seem to shake the signature cannabis scent, this thick shea butter-based cream has a pleasant fruity, floral scent. The natural herbs and oils used in Ah’s topicals ensure that the products smell great while still allowing the medicine to get through to affected areas. 

Eric, one of Leafly's software developers, said, “After trying this cream, I went out and bought it to relieve joint pain and headaches. I rub a bit on my temples and the back of my neck. I would highly recommend it. It takes about 10-30 minutes to fully kick in, but it takes the edge off of my migraines. Minor headaches went away completely.”

Honorable Mention

Ink 20/20 is a fragrance-free cannabis-infused balm stick that’s great for soothing irritated skin and easing pain and itch after a recent tattoo. 

Maria, a Leafly account executive, said, “I tried this product two weeks after I got my tattoo. I loved the applicator; it meant that I didn’t have to rub it into my skin like many other tattoo-care products. Its small container fit in my purse so I could have it on hand when I needed it. I also loved that it took away the itching, which was a real life-saver.” 

To continue to the rest of the product review, please check out Part 2

Photo Credit: Sara Dilley