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The Best Topicals in the Pacific Northwest: Part 2

This is part two of Leafly’s Pacific Northwest Topicals Review. Check out Part 1 of our topicals analysis if you haven't already.

Kush Creams 

The study and understanding of medicinal plants is an inherited quality for the creators of Kush Creams. Decedents of well-known pharmacologist Arthur Schwarting, Kush Creams utilizes the Schwarting Approach when creating their topicals. The Schwarting Approach is a method of identifying and extracting individual active, medicinal compounds in plants. This process makes it easy to administer and control dosage in natural medicines, and allows each Kush Creams topical to be infused with specific, healing cannabinoids.

Our Favorite Product  

OG Kush Cream smelled so good that we couldn’t stop sniffing it. It's fresh, subtle, and great for both men and women. The creams themselves have a light, almost whipped texture and come in a wide variety of scents. 

Kush creams also feature an extra unique ingredient: emu oil. While vegans may not like using this product, other consumers will love that it absorbs nicely into the skin without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. 

Rebecca, Leafly's Content & Engagement Manager, said, “I’m an endurance athlete so I use Kush Creams after long workouts. It’s a really light cream, but it creates a nice numbing sensation that helps to counteract muscle stiffness.” 

Honorable Mention

Walking Sticks are lightly medicated toothpicks that have a spicy yet pleasant clove taste and produce a gentle numbness in your gums. 
After a trip to the dentist, these toothpicks would be a life saver. Or, as one of my colleagues said, “You know, when you really want to get in there with a toothpick, these help you do it without all the pain!”

Kush Creams also has an incredible and unique line of dental tinctures. Be sure to check them out after your next root canal! 

Vita Verde 

In a truly holistic approach to topicals, Vita Verde’s products utilize a wide range of medicinal herbs. Herbs and spices such as mint and cayenne are natural vasodilators, meaning that they open blood vessels, decrease inflammation, and increase blood flow to affected areas. These natural openers also help the infused cannabis get exactly to the right spot.   

Our Favorite Product

Vita Verde Fire Balm has a very strong, herbal smell, but it's an absolute must-try product for athletes or those suffering from moderate to severe pain. While all of the products we reviewed eased pain fairly quickly, this balm really knocked it out of the water. A smart blend of cannabis, essential oils, and other natural analgesics, Fire Balm feels almost exactly like the synthetic Icy Hot, only with less of a chemical burn feel and more legitimate pain relief. 

Ryan, a Leafly account executive, said, “I tried the Fire Balm on my sore neck and my knee, which aches constantly due to an old break. They’re two very different types of pain, but the Fire Balm worked great on both of them. It created this soothing, warm, and tingly sensation. Just like Icy Hot.” 

Honorable Mention

Vita Verde Sport Soothe-Ice is another go-to product for Rebecca, who's currently training for a late summer Ironman. She said, "My boyfriend and I fight over this cream to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. It feels as potent as Icy Hot but without all of the crazy unpronounceable chemicals in the ingredients list. This product will be my best friend throughout the next seven months of training."

Additionally, unlike other products reviewed in this series, Vita Verde is the only manufacturer of a traditional balm. While lotions and creams are lighter and great for everyday use, Vita Verde’s balms are great for when you need extreme relief. The balms are made with nothing but the good stuff: essential oils, bees wax, and cannabis. The concoction is thick, somewhat greasy, and strong-scented, but believe us when we say that it is very, very powerful.  

Photo credits: Sara Dilley