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The 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup Winners

September 9, 2013

As the High Times US Cannabis Cup drew to a close on Sunday in Seattle, it seemed like the whole motley crew of the weekend’s attendees gathered inside for the big moment: who would take the Cup? As High Times hyped up the crowd with a freebie free-for-all, growers, extractors and business owners mingled with patients and recreational users in a continuation of what was a very community-focused event. In true Pacific Northwest style, even Sasquatch made a rare appearance to present an award.

Throughout the weekend, there were some common themes at the Cup: support for growers; safety and standardization; and a need for continued activism were all touched upon. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was still making small waves, CBD-rich strains were highlighted and the pros and cons of the sudden popularity of concentrates were all touched upon.

Overall, though, the Cannabis Cup came down to highlighting superb strains, whether people were combusting them, dabbing or trying them as edibles and concentrates. There were plenty of samples to go around and the producers and dispensaries had no shortage of steady testers. As anyone in Washington over the age of 21 can now legally consume cannabis, there was a buzzy feeling of liberation in the air—or maybe that’s just some really good cannabis talking.

In the end, the Cup’s winners reflected the major trends in the cannabis community. The Best Product category leaned toward concentrates, with both first and third place going to dabbing accessories. Mirroring the trend toward medicinal potency and lab testing, high-CBD strains had their own category that was determined by lab results. Kyle Kushman’s Veganic Strawberry Cough, which took the top prize of the evening, is an example of conscientious growing techniques that focus on a purity of product for the patient. If Seattle’s first legal Cannabis Cup tells us anything about where the movement is going, it’s that innovation and sophistication will be what wins.

Without further ado, here’s the best of the best to keep your eyes open for:


1st Place: Veganic Strawberry Cough from Kushman Genetics

2nd Place: Uncle Jim from Camo Collective Gardens

3rd Place: Master Yoda from Kush Connection


1st Place: TJ’s Platinum Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens

2nd Place: Tres Dawg from Fweedom Collective

3rd Place: OG Ghost Train Haze #1 from A Greener Today


1st Place: True OG from Only The Best (OTB)

2nd Place: Star Dawg from Evergreen Patient Network

3rd Place: TJ’s Purple Label from TJ’s Organic Gardens


1st Place: Ewok from Fweedom Collective

2nd Place: Jack One (aka Rebel Alliance) from Triple Mega

3rd Place: El Jeffe from Only The Best (OTB)


1st Place: Whitewalker OG from Gold Coast Extracts

2nd Place: Killer Bee OG from Brutal Bee Concentrates & Precision Oil Tech

3rd Place: H.G.H. Goji O.G. from VHL Collectives


1st Place: H.G.H. Goji OG Overshatter from VFL Collective

2nd Place: OG Thin Mints from Gold Coast Extracts

3rd Place: After Life OG Honeycomb from Exotic Genetix


1st Place: Day Dreamers High CBD Chocolate Bar from SJ Patients Group

2nd Place: Be The Light Golden Frankincese Truffle from Cheffettes

3rd Place: Ettalew’s Medibles Sampler from Greenside Medical


Best Flower: Catatonic from Elemental Wellness Center

Best Concentrate: CBD Simple from Phytosphere Systems

Best Edible: C.B. Can-D Lollies from MTG Seeds


Winner: Kush Creams Kit from Kush Creams

Congratulations to all the winners, and special kudos to the Leafly dispensaries that had winning entries! You can see the full list of winners over at High Times.