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Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Christmas? Treat Yourself to These Glass Deals

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Presented By EveryoneDoesIt.com January 13, 2017

The 2016 holiday season has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’re done shopping. You still have one more VIP to shop for: yourself! We know you may not have gotten everything you wanted this past year, which is why we think it’s time for a little pampering.

Treat yourself to 20% off all glass products at EveryoneDoesIt.com. Whether you need a new bong, pipe, or dab rig, start 2017 off right with coupon code 20%OFFGLASS.

Don’t miss out – this “treatchoself” deal expires January 31st!

  • Treat yourself to 20% off EveryoneDoesIt.com's glass products using discount code 20%OFFGLASS. Don't delay; this deal expires January 31st!
  • 1/12
    Killer Bee Hand Pipe
    This little spoon pipe from Red Eye Glass will have you buzzing after each use! It's made from a highly durable borosilicate glass and adorned with killer bee designs, making it the perfect little device for at home or on the go. Available in multiple colors.
    $29.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 2/12
    5-Inch Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe
    At only 5 inches long, the steamroller’s short and straight profile makes carrying this pipe around a breeze, and the borosilicate glass ensures that it's durable and easy to use. The mouthpiece even comes with an ash-catching component that will help keep ash from sneaking into your mouth.
    $14.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 3/12
    Helix Standard Basic Bubbler
    Made from a high-grade borosilicate glass, this bubbler features a fixed downstem and Grav Labs’ signature Helix Venturi Chamber to product a swirling yet cooling effect that looks cool and feels even better. Available with green, red, white, or black logos for a little bit of customization.
    $79.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 4/12
    Prometheus Pocket
    Offered in a variety of colors, this pipe is composed of borosilicate glass surrounded by an anodized aluminum shell, assuring that it can take a beating and still keep ticking. The stem unscrews from the bowl for easy cleaning, and the pipe's metal screen helps catch ash and debris while in use.
    $84.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 5/12
    Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Inline and Honeycomb Perc
    This 17.5" tall bong has a simple overall design but comes with features to ensure a powerful and high-quality smoke with each use. It has two honeycomb-style percs and a fixed inline stem to help decrease the chance of spills and breaks while providing a direct and stronger hit.
    $89.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 6/12
    Basic Bubbler 32mm Glass Hand Pipe
    For its small size, this striking yet simple bubbler packs quite the punch. Coming in at only around 4” long and 32mm in diameter, it seems unassuming at first but is designed for big hits with its x-cut diffuser downstem (which, along with the mouthpiece, come in a variety of colors).
    $43.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 7/12
    Green Beaker Bong with Ice Notch and Bubble Accents
    Standing at 16” high, this bong is designed with green coloring and accents along the bottom, bowl, and mouthpiece, with some cool bubble details around the mouthpiece for a nice, textured flourish. It also comes with a six-armed slitted diffused downstem for great filtration and smoother pulls.
    $79.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 8/12
    Popeye Stemless Straight Tube Bong
    This 15” tall bong comes with matching color accents at the base and neck tube while also sporting both a honeycomb and turbine perc for top-of-the-line filtration all the way through. The bong itself is stemless for more streamlined hits without having to worry about any possible stem breakage.
    $79.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 9/12
    Classic Spoon Pipe
    This classic spoon-style pipe is built with simplicity and function in mind. Each pipe comes in various colors and is made of a durable borosilicate glass that features the classic spoon bowl and carb hole. It even has a custom ash catcher!
    $19.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 10/12
    Mini Bell Bubbler
    Despite the smaller size, the Mini Bell Bubbler’s bubbling action combined with the perc inside will give you a smooth yet powerful hit each time, and the included Quartz banger will allow you to dab your favorites concentrates right when you take it out the box. Comes in multiple vibrant colors.
    $39.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 11/12
    Sketch Puck Dab Rig
    This 7 1/2“ tall rig is made of an opaque white borosilicate glass adorned with bright and cheery artwork sketches that can’t help but put you in a good mood before you even use it. The puck shape of the rig also allows space for great filtration with its fixed diffuser.
    $49.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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  • 12/12
    Mini Nectar Collector Kit
    This nectar collector has a detachable neck water chamber for smooth and convenient vaping, and there’s even a glass dish included to provide a clean and clear surface to place your concentrates.
    $39.99 + 20% off with code 20%OFFGLASS
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Leafly’s 2016 holiday gift guide and our 2017 “treatchoself” deals are sponsored by EveryoneDoesIt.com – The World’s Online Smoke Shop.