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The Most Underrated CBD Cannabis Strains

The Most Underrated CBD Cannabis Strains

Dante Jordan
August 22, 2019
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In a world packed full of ACDC
and Harlequin
, few other CBD cannabis strains get their time to shine. There are plenty of CBD-rich cultivars that people are sleeping on. But today—today we wake ‘em up.

Here are some underrated high-CBD strains that are worth seeking out.

Aliens On Moonshine

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (4-5% THC and 9-11% CBD on average)

You ever had a strain so delicious that you can read the name and still taste its flavor? That’s Aliens On Moonshine
for ya boy. It’s a sweet and fruity strain created by crossing a CBD-rich phenotype of Sour Alien
with White Moonshine.

The terpene profile provides a tropical, orange, and mango-like vibe that would make anyone say ooh. It produces a smooth and enjoyable high that any novice consumer could love. Its modest THC content gives you a slight euphoric boost.

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Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (4-7% THC and 7-11% CBD on average)

Another strain with a high CBD content is the cross between MK Ultra
and G13 Haze
, better known as Cannatonic
. This lil’ flavor bomb has an earthy scent with a light citrusy taste on the smoke—ya know, like something with Haze
genetics. It produces a short-lived and mellow high that any fan of CBD cultivars could get down with.

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CBD Critical Mass

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (5-7% THC and 8-11% CBD on average)

CBD Critical Mass
is a mix of Dinafem Seeds’ Critical Mass
and an undisclosed strain from CBD Crew. This result is a strain with a near-perfect balance of THC and CBD and earthy flavors complemented by sweet woody tones.

Many seek CBD Critical Mass as a remedy for pain and insomnia. However, it’s also great for relaxing without the potent high associated with many high-THC strains.

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Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (5% THC and 10-13% CBD on average)

CBD Crew bred MediHaze
, or CBD MediHaze, by crossing Super Silver Haze
, Neville’s Haze
, and an undisclosed CBD-rich
parent. With such Hazy genetics, it’s easy to see why this plant’s terpenes reek of fresh pine and spice aromas.

On average, this strain has about 5% THC and 10-13% CBD, so if you want to smoke flower but don’t want to be too high or anxious, this would be a good strain for you. Many consumers experience clear-headed and uplifted effects.

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Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (6-9% THC and 7-9% CBD on average)

You’re already thinking about the clown from It
, aren’t you? A way less scary experience, Pennywise
the cannabis strain is a high-CBD strain with Harlequin
and Jack The Ripper
genetics. Known for having multiple phenotypes and different terpene profiles, Pennywise most commonly carries hashy notes of coffee with a peppery spice flavor.

With a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, Pennywise is great for CBD lovers who have medical needs or consumers who just want a mildly relaxing experience without being stoney baloney.

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Stephen Hawking Kush

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (3-5% THC and 7-10% CBD on average)

Obviously named after the late scientist, Stephen Hawking Kush
(or SHK) was created by mixing Harle-Tsu
with Sin City Kush
. Indica-dominant with vivid berry flavors, Stephen Hawking Kush is here for the people who were reading this list and thinking, “WHERE ARE THE FRUITY FLAVORS?!” SHK tends to leave consumers feeling soothed and relaxed, maybe even free of pain for a bit.

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Sweet and Sour Widow

Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (4-6% THC and 8-9% CBD on average)

Another one from CBD Crew, Sweet and Sour Widow
is an indica-dominant cross of White Widow
and an unknown strain. It has a subtle, sweet almost onion aroma, and its balanced nature provides mild effects that allow consumers to medicate without a foggy head. If you’re a fan of that euphoric vibe that White Widow provides, but would love a CBD spin on it to lighten the long-lasting load, then Sweet and Sour Widow could be the best kept secret for you.

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