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White, Milk, or Dark? Colorado’s Top Chocolate Edibles

Published on June 11, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate infused with cannabis.

It seems Coloradans are obsessed with cannabis chocolate. There are nearly as many brands of cannabis-infused chocolate in dispensaries as there are brands of non-infused chocolate in drug stores.

In fact, so many options are available that it can be daunting to navigate to find your favorite. To help you out, I’ve put together a quick guide to Colorado’s infused chocolate bars.

Matchless Milk (The Incredibles)

Best chocolate weed edible in Colorado #1: Matchless Milk by The Incredibles

(Courtesy of The Incredibles)

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When I ask people in Colorado about their favorite infused chocolate bars, the Incredibles brand always comes up. That’s especially true if I’m asking milk chocolate lovers.

Just about every cannabis lover in Colorado seems to have a favorite Incredibles bar. Incredibles has earned their loyal following; Three out of four of Incredibles’ milk chocolate offerings have received awards from cannabis-industry experts like High Times and the Munchie Cup.

Recreational Incredibles chocolates come in 100-gm bars divided into 10 doses. Medical versions contain between 100 mg and a whopping 500 mg of THC. All are made with gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients and sustainably-sourced cannabis oil, Incredibles bars have a mild, pleasant cannabis aftertaste.

Milk chocolate flavors include:

  • Boulder Bar (with toffee)
  • Monkey Bar (with banana, coconut, walnut)
  • Mile High Mint
  • Black Cherry CBD

Runner Up: Coda Signature

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A close runner-up in the milk chocolate category (and my personal favorite) is Coda Signature. They aren’t in the #1 position only because their milk chocolate is “darkened,” creating a rich flavor that’s a little too close to dark for some milk chocolate lovers’ comfort.

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Coda’s milk chocolate bars have no detectable cannabis aftertaste. They come in standard recreational strength (100 mg) and in higher-dose medical strength (300 to 500 mg).

Milk chocolate flavors include:

  • Darkened Milk Snap & Spice (a 1:1 CBD:THC with spices and bits of gingersnap cookies)
  • Coffee & Donuts (with coffee, milk, and cinnamon sugar)
  • Maple & Pecan (with darkened milk chocolate, pecans, maple, and smoked sea salt)

Dreamy Dark (Blue Kudu)

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My absolute favorite dark chocolate bars in Colorado come from Blue Kudu. Their all-natural ingredients and alcohol-based cannabis extract leaves you with tasty chocolate that has virtually no cannabis aftertaste.

Blue Kudu combines dark chocolate with several traditional pairings, and rather than mixing flavors into the chocolate, they layer them on top of the bar, ensuring a perfect bite every time. Flavors include:

  • Mint (Alpine Glacier)
  • Orange (Isle of Capri)
  • Coffee (Jungle Roast)
  • Cherry-almond (Zen Garden)

Blue Kudu medical chocolate bars are available in the same delicious varieties as their recreational bars but contain as much as 400 mg of THC. Their medical bars are labeled as sativa, indica, or hybrid (as opposed to their recreational bars, which are all hybrid). The Black Forest bar features 60 mg of CBD and no THC. Trust me—CBD never tasted so good!

These bars are smaller than most cannabis chocolates—a 10-serving bar with 100 mg of THC weighs out at 60 grams. This is great for people who prefer a larger dose without overindulging in sweets.

Way Out White (Sweet Mary Jane’s)

Best chocolate weed edible in Colorado #2: Way Out White by Sweet Mary Jane's

(Courtesy of Sweet Mary Jane’s)

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Sweet Mary Jane’s heart-shaped chocolates take the prize for top cannabis-infused white chocolate. The brand is dedicated to using only fresh, high-end ingredients. These tiny bars are firm with an evident sweetness that’s not overpowering. And there’s absolutely no cannabis flavor in their chocolate—it’s all white, creamy goodness.

Most of their chocolates come in packages of 10 with 10 mg of THC in each piece. Each candy weighs around 10 grams, which is typical for one dose of cannabis-infused chocolate in Colorado.

Sweet Mary Jane offers four delicious flavors of white chocolate:

  • Peppermint Crush (studded with peppermint candy pieces)
  • French Toast (maple and cinnamon)
  • Key Lime Pie (natural key lime oil and graham cracker crumbs)
  • Pop n’ Rock (orange zest and Pop Rocks)

Colorado requires cannabis-infused-product manufacturers to mark each serving with a THC warning symbol. Sweet Mary Jane does this in an adorable way—they embed a candy-coated piece of dark chocolate printed with the required information into each chocolate. This gives you a crunchy piece of candy-coated chocolate in every piece! If white chocolate is your thing, Sweet Mary Jane is definitely your candy!

Runner Up: Incredibles White Chocolate Bars

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It’s hard to talk about white chocolate without mentioning the Incredibles white chocolate bars. Nine of Incredibles’ 16 flavors are based in white chocolate, and many have won awards, including Peach Dream (with real peaches and cream), Peanut Butter Buddha (with pretzels and peanut butter), Strawberry Crunch ( with real strawberries and crisped rice), and the limited-edition Firecracker bar, which is chock full of red and blue exploding bits. (Apparently, mixing Pop Rocks with chocolate is a thing. Who knew?)

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Karen Getchell
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