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Major US Music Festival ‘Outside Lands’ to Host Cannabis Pavilion

Call it a bong-watershed moment for the music biz — 200,000 Outside Lands festivalgoers could visit ‘Grass Lands’, featuring 14 cannabis brands

Los Angeles Will Vote on a Cannabis Bank

The cannabis industry’s all-cash problems are forcing the city of Los Angeles to lead a financial revolution.

‘Terp Town’ Fire Rips Through California’s Most Coveted Cannabis

Loudpack, DNA Genetics and other designer product burns before its time in Monterey County

California’s Cannabis Cities Reap Millions in Sales Taxes, the Rest Miss Out

Millions of cannabis sales tax dollars flow to select cities, while most California counties stay dry

Pennsylvania Should Totally Legalize it, State Auditor Concludes

Pennsylvania marijuana legalization efforts got a boost from the state auditor, who concluded the state could make $581 million per year in taxes on cannabis.

The Era of Clean Cannabis Has Come to California. Here Are the Surviving Brands

On July 1, California cannabis got a hard reset as new purity standards wiped shelves bare. Here are the brands that stand up to increased screening.

Legalization Inundates California’s Cannabis Labs

California cannabis labs are being swamped with samples as new product purity regulations take effect.

New York State Health Officials Conclude ‘Legalize It’

The New York State Health Department's 2018 Marijuana Legalization Assessment Report will go down in history.

US Attorney in Massachusetts Will Let Legal Market Proceed

US Attorney Andrew Lelling said that while he can't immunize the state-legal industry, his office's enforcement priorities lie elsewhere.

After Long Delays, Los Angeles Moves to License Growers

LA's cannabis market was once expected to be a model for the rest of the state but has developed more slowly than San Diego, Oakland, and other major cities.

Q&A: Netflix’s ‘Cooking on High’ Show-Stealer Ngaio Bealum

Netflix's low-budget marijuana cooking show "Cooking on High" was stolen by stoner comedian/writer Ngaio Bealum. We interview Ngaio about cannabis-infused maple syrup, existential edibles trips, and the #permitpatty imbroglio.

Massachusetts Issues State’s First Retail Cannabis License

A medical marijuana dispensary near Worcester has become the first licensed recreational cannabis retailer east of the Mississippi.

Mango Haze, World Cup, and Independence Day — This Is #MondayMotivation

Look out for World Cup, Marvel's new "Ant-Man" film, July 4 fireworks, and much more in Leafly's Monday radar report.

One Year On, It’s Easy to Find Cannabis in Nevada—Maybe Too Easy

Nevada marijuana legalization crosses the one-year mark with a bevy of consumer options both legal and less above board.

Here’s Where to Find California’s July 1 Blowout Deals

California retailers have until July 1 to purge their inventories of everything not compliant with new state testing and packaging standards. Here's where you can take advantage of the liquidation.

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