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New Hampshire Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Heads to Governor

New Hampshire moved a step closer to joining the rest of New England in decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

Justice Department Turns Attention to Cannabis Enforcement

A prosecutor who was crucial in writing the DOJ's harsh new sentencing policy is now turning his focus to cannabis.

Backers of Cannabis Legalization Hope for Compromise in Vermont

Supporters of a bill vetoed by Republican Gov. Phil Scott that would have legalized marijuana in Vermont said they are hopeful in a compromise.

Wine and Cannabis? Oregon Vineyards Give Marijuana Farming a Try

Bill and Barbara Steele moved to this sleepy corner of Oregon to start their own winery after successful, high-powered business careers.

Cannabis Pharmaceutical Epidiolex Aids Children With Epilepsy, Study Finds

A medicine made from cannabis but that does not get you high reduced seizures in kids with a severe form of epilepsy, according to a new study.

Cannabis Convictions Go up in Smoke With California Legalization

Jay Schlauch's conviction for peddling cannabis haunted him for nearly a quarter century. The felony prevented him from landing jobs and gave his wife doubts.

Michigan Cannabis Legalization Marches Toward 2018 Ballot

Advocates of legalizing cannabis in Michigan cleared a hurdle this week on their way to the 2018 ballot.

Up in Smoke: Florida Legislature Can’t Agree on Medical Marijuana

Rules to enact Florida's medical marijuana amendment went up in smoke on Friday after the Legislature failed to pass a bill.

Mexico’s Lower House Approves Medical Uses of Cannabis

Mexico's lower house overwhelmingly passed a bill Friday approving the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the latest in a series of legal changes.

Nebraska Lawmakers Consider Allowing Medical Marijuana

Nebraska lawmakers should approve a measure allowing and regulating medical marijuana before voters bypass them, senators who support it said Wednesday.

Rhode Island Cannabis Legalization Proponents Push for Vote

Rhode Island state legislators hoping to legalize cannabis say they have enough support to pass a bill in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

Colorado Will Allow Medical Cannabis Use While Awaiting Trial

A new law signed Thursday overturns a ban on medical cannabis use by people awaiting trial.

California Moves to Unite Conflicting Cannabis Laws

California is one step closer to resolving tricky legal conflicts on its path to becoming the nation's largest marijuana economy.

The Shake: 60% of America Likes Legalization (but Hillary Doesn’t), and Broccoli Proves a Poor Smuggling Cover

Hillary Clinton doubles down in opposition to federal legalization, Missouri wrinkles its nose at concentrates, and Georgia falls (just barely) short.