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How a Cannabis Ban Turned One California County Into ‘Ground Zero for Chaos’

Hungry for tax revenue, Calaveras County licensed hundreds of commercial cannabis farms in recent years. Now it wants them gone, leaving growers in the lurch.

Massachusetts Towns Reject Cannabis Bans, Bucking Early Trend

A growing number of Massachusetts communities are leaving their borders open to cannabis businesses, bucking an early wave of bans and moratoriums.

Recreational Marijuana Rules Rile Cannabis-Friendly San Francisco

Writing local rules in the cannabis-friendly city has taken a contentious turn as critics try to restrict where products can be sold.

California’s Great Cannabis Unbanning

How (and why) the state's conservative bastions are learning to stop worrying and accept the cannabis industry.

Colorado’s Smaller Communities Finding Cannabis Costs, Benefits in Uneasy Balance

The prospect of cannabis-tax proceeds has raised spirits in Colorado towns, but small communities are finding costs as well as benefits.

Behind the Big Ban: Why California Towns Are Scrambling to Oust Dispensaries

A typo in California’s new medical cannabis law threatening patients’ access to medicine and underscoring a deep cultural rift in the state.

These Oregon Cities Have Banned Cannabis

Here's a list of the 79 cities and 17 counties in Oregon that have banned dispensaries, cultivation, processing or wholesale.