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The Leafly Marketwatch: Which Illegal States Are the Most Cannabis Curious?

We identify the states that have limited medical marijuana laws or are completely illegal, yet check the Leafly website because they're "cannabis curious."

The Leafly Marketwatch: What Percentage of Your Dispensary Visitors Are Out-of-State?

What percentage of out-of-state folks are curious about what Colorado, Washington, and Oregon cannabis dispensaries have to offer?

Leafly Marketwatch: The Rapid Rise in CBD Interest

This month, Leafly unpacks the significance of a recent massive spike in searches for CBD and CBD-related terms.

Leafly Chart of the Month: What’s the Most Popular Form of Cannabis in Your State?

Leafly dug into its proprietary data to explore what percentage of dispensary menus are comprised of concentrates, edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, seeds, clones, and other forms of cannabis.

Leafly Chart of the Month: What Were the Hottest Strains in September?

Leafly dug through its proprietary data to find the most added cannabis strains to dispensary menus across six states in September 2015.