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When Is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis Plants?

Learn more about determining your cannabis harvest time and the several factors you should consider to produce the best possible crop.

Florida Harvests State’s First ‘Legal’ Medical Marijuana Crop

Operators say it's the start of new business they hope will bring high-quality, and formerly unavailable, medicine to patients who need it the most.

Starbuds, One of Colorado’s Biggest Growers, Loses License Over Odor Complaints in Landmark Case

Company owner Brian Ruden said the company plans to appeal the first-of-its-kind decision by the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors: A Beginner’s Guide

Follow our guide to outdoor cannabis growing and learn the different factors to consider if you're thinking about setting up your first outdoor grow.

Washington State Leaker Says Canna-Data Breach ‘Not What I Was Going For’

Who is 420Leaks founder John Novak, how did he end up with a trove of sensitive data, and what’s he planning to do with it?

Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation: What Are the Benefits?

Greenhouses are becoming the most popular way to cultivate cannabis, as they allow for year-round cultivation, climate control, and controlled exposure to sunlight.

Will Starbuds Become Colorado’s First Grow License Loser?

In a case being watched closely by cannabis industry insiders, the fast-growing retailer Starbuds is facing the possible loss of its cultivation license over pungent odors allegedly escaping the indoor grow.

Alaska Cannabis Regulators Award First Licenses

Alaska regulators were applauded Thursday as they approved the first licenses for legal marijuana growing and testing facilities — another milestone for the fledgling industry.

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: A Beginner’s Guide

Our guide to indoor cannabis growing will help simplify the process for you into clear, easy-to-digest sections designed to help the first-time grower get started.

When Is Your Cannabis in Season? Factors That Influence Growing, Harvest, and Availability

Like produce, cannabis is frequently best when it's in season despite being available year-round. Learn more about strains' seasonality and the factors that affect their growth.

Will This Report Open the Door to Legal Cannabis Growing in the Netherlands?

The study could spur a review of the Dutch "backdoor paradox," under which coffeeshops are allowed to sell cannabis even while wholesale and cultivation remain illegal.

Why Cannabis-Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the U.S. and Europe

Due to differences in laws, electricity prices, suitable climate and some other factors, the European and the U.S. indoor culture developed on separate tracks. Here are the main differences.

Barcelona’s First Female Mayor Grants Amnesty to Cannabis Clubs, but Will It Stick?

The mayor this week allowed more than 100 clubs that were slated for permanent closure to remain open and continue cultivating and distributing cannabis.

How Austria Became Europe’s Cannabis Clone Superstore

Thanks to odd quirks of Austrian law, the country has become the capital of legal cannabis clones. Consumption, though? Still verboten.

Home Cannabis Cultivation & Possession Laws: A State-by-State Guide

We put together a helpful guide outlining the home cultivation status for states that have legalized some form of cannabis.