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State of the Leaf: Alaska OKs Cannabis Clubs, and Vancouver Licenses its First Dispensary

It's crunch time in Michigan, a Tennessee politician could face charges for cultivation, and Macedonia will offer cannabis in pharmacies.

The Shake: Colorado Cops Can’t Keep Up With Cannabis Laws

Louisiana could expand its narrow MMJ law, Colorado sees strong sales in 2016, and does Washington already grow enough cannabis?

German Medical Legalization Would Curb Home Grows, Keep Cannabis in Pharmacies

Without question the new law is a milestone for German patients, but it still leaves out important details, such as by ignoring the need for a wider range of medical strains.

‘Cheap Pot!’: What’s the Deal with the $6 Gram?

Forget that nonsense you’ve heard about cannabis being so much more expensive in legal states than the black market: Grams for just $6 are increasingly common at state-licensed shops.

The Shake: Denver Has Growhouse Brokers, and Miami Cops Bust Man with Majestic Half-Beard

Legalization advocates are at the White House today, a Utah study shows further potential for cannabis epilepsy treatment, and seriously, this guy's beard.

The Shake: Racial Disparities in Arrests and a ‘Willy Wonka’ Cannabis Party

D.C. votes to ban cannabis clubs, childhood epilepsy drug shows potential, and combat soldiers grow free cannabis for veterans.

The Shake: An Eric Holder Facepalm, Vermont’s Speedy Progress, and Cannabis Ceviche

Vermont is making quick progress toward being the country's next legal state. Eric Holder saves his call to reschedule for when he's impotent to change anything. And can Connecticut get some cannabis revenue already?

Canadian Judge Declares Home Medical Cultivation Legal

Under a new court ruling out of Vancouver, patients in Canada will legally be allowed to grow their own cannabis without fear of seizure or retribution.

There’s Too Much Cannabis in Washington and Prices Could Plummet

Production has outpaced sales in Washington state, which could lead to bargain-basement cannabis deals.

Why Are Hand-Trimmed Cannabis Buds Better Than Buds Trimmed by a Machine?

Is there a difference between cannabis buds that have been hand-trimmed versus buds that were trimmed by a machine? Absolutely -- here are three reasons why.

Peeking Inside Sky High Gardens, a Tier 3 Commercial Cannabis Producer

I recently took a tour of Sky High Gardens, a Tier 3 cannabis producer licensed by Washington state. Their farm is housed in a 30,000 square foot facility in Seattle.

Denver Company to Join Forces with California Tribes for Cannabis Production

A Denver-based company, United Cannabis Corp, is proposing to team up with Native American tribes in California to assist in growing, cultivating, and processing cannabis.

What Do Growers Want? More Strains, More Science

At the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Seattle, it was no surprise that the most popular expert panels were those on cultivation.