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DPA Reform Conference Roundup: Are We Approaching the End of Cannabis Prohibition?

The DPA Reform Conference in Washington D.C. wrapped up over the weekend, with discussions turning towards Canada's promise to legalize and the shelf life of cannabis prohibition.

DPA Reform Conference Roundup: Notes from Day Two of the Year’s Biggest Cannabis Conference

As the second day of the DPA Reform conference in D.C. winds to a close, here are the biggest newslines from the cannabis industry's major players and their talks about the future.

Responsible Ohio Campaign Director Takes Criticism at DPA Reform Conference

Ian James turned up to take his licks in public as the fallout from Ohio’s failed cannabis legalization bid continues.

Is it the End of the “End of the War on Drugs”?

The number of cannabis industry conferences seems to grow every year, but the Reform conference remains the premiere get-together for global policy makers and industry shakers.

A Changing Climate for Cannabis on Capitol Hill

The Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference is underway in Washington D.C., fostering far-reaching discussions on how to improve cannabis policy in the United States.