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15% of Every Cannabis Harvest Never Makes It to Market. Here’s Where It Goes

No, not to the black market. There’s an interesting story hidden in the data that the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) publishes every month.

Cannabis Farms Brought Prosperity to Pueblo. Will Voters Kill the Boom?

Pueblo has become Colorado's sun-grown cannabis farming powerhouse. But prohibitionists created Prop. 200 to ban the industry — and its jobs and tax revenue.

All-Inclusive Cannabis Academy & Grow School

Saturday & Sunday, June 18th & 19th Louisville, Kentucky Research shows that 14 more states will legalize marijuana for recreational […]

Hemp Farm Field Trip

Saturday, June 11th Lexington, Kentucky Do you enjoy hands on learning? This field trip is for you. This hands on […]

The Shake: SCOTUS Rejects Colorado Lawsuit, Racial Disparities Persist, and Infused Nutella is a Thing Now

Arrest data paint an unflattering picture, the federal government criticizes its own handling of cannabis, and cannabis growers look to farmers for inspiration.

The Shake: Bernie, CannaCups, and D.C.’s Homegrow Boom

Will cannabis become an issue in Democratic primaries? Will Minnesota fix its choked medical program? Will "CannaCups" be a thing?