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Top US Prosecutor in Massachusetts Says Focus Is on Opioids, Not Marijuana

"2,100 people in Massachusetts were killed by opioid overdoses last year, not marijuana overdoses, so that is where my resources are going right now."

Proposed Tax Amendments Would Benefit Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry leaders say it’s imperative that supporters contact their US senators to push for a pair of cannabis-friendly amendments to the Republican tax bill.

Trump FDA, US Attorney Moves Could Shift Cannabis Landscape

President Donald Trump sent rumbles through the cannabis world with a pair of moves made late Friday.

AG Sessions: ‘More Violence Around Marijuana Than One Would Think’

Sessions stopped short of saying what he would do, but said he doesn't think America will be a better place with "more people smoking pot."

White House Plans ‘Greater Enforcement’ Against Legal Cannabis

Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that the Trump administration will crack down in adult-use states.

In Congress: Virginia Republican Wants to De-Schedule CBD

Republicans in Congress are starting to come out of the woodwork to draft new bills on cannabis.

AG Nominee Sessions Headed to a Full Senate Vote

Though the ultimate outcome—passage out of committee—was expected a week ago, few expected such a close tally.

House Vote Brings Veterans a Big Step Closer to Medical Cannabis

A major breakthrough earlier today could change the way doctors treat military veterans when it comes to medical cannabis.

Obama Punts on Cannabis Reform

Really putting the lame in “lame duck,” Obama says he doesn't intend to push for cannabis reform during his remaining time in office.