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Uruguay’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market to Open for Business

It’s taken four years, but tomorrow, July 19, Uruguay will finally launch its legal, adult-use cannabis market.

Vermont Legislature Votes to Legalize. But Will the Gov Sign It?

Vermont may become America’s ninth state to legalize the adult use of cannabis—and the first to do so via the state legislature.

Desperation in Washington State Over Medical Dispensary Closures

Patients say the changes will shut down nearby shops, increase the cost of their medicine, and limit access to necessary products.

As Washington Deadline Looms, Cities Warn Unlicensed Cannabis Shops to Close

July 1 marks the date when, after nearly two decades of confusion about the status of medical marijuana, the industry becomes regulated for the first time.

State of the Leaf: Irish Like a Bit o’ Green, and Can Cannabis Save Atlantic City?

Colorado sees record sales, three legalization petitions vie for primacy in Arkansas, and a cannabis advocate in Hawaii makes an unusual argument in court.

Leafly List: The Top Cannabis Locations in Colorado, February 2016

The Colorado version of the Leafly List provides helpful, community-based information for cannabis consumers looking for the most relevant dispensaries in their area.

Wholesale or Not, Cannabis Prices Soar in Colorado

Soaring prices for wholesale cannabis in Colorado mean that even low-grade marijuana is costing recreational consumers a pretty penny.