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Which States Are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis Next?

Here are our predictions for which US states could be the next to legalize cannabis.

Public Cannabis Consumption Laws: A State-By-State Guide

Learn the public cannabis consumption laws and penalties for your state with our useful guide outlining the regulations for legal markets.

The Definitive Cannabis Travel Guide to Seattle

Seattle is among the most cannabis-friendly cities in the world, and an ideal destination for cannabis tourism. From dispensaries to music to a 420-friendly B&B, here's your itinerary.

Alaska to Weigh Rules for On-Site Consumption at Retail Stores

Regulators plan to consider rules this week for consuming marijuana products at authorized retail cannabis stores — a first among states that have legalized adult use.

‘Cheap Pot!’: What’s the Deal with the $6 Gram?

Forget that nonsense you’ve heard about cannabis being so much more expensive in legal states than the black market: Grams for just $6 are increasingly common at state-licensed shops.

Alaska Passes Law to Peek into Retailers’ Pasts

The Alaska Legislature passed a bill Friday allowing national criminal history checks on people applying for licenses to open legal marijuana businesses.

The Best Things to Do While High in D.C.: Leafly’s 4:20 to 4:20 Cannabis Travel Guide

As the only East Coast locale where recreational consumption of cannabis is permitted, the opportunities for 420-friendly cannabis tourism in Washington D.C. are nigh endless.

The Best Things to Do in Portland While High: Leafly’s 4:20 to 4:20 Cannabis Travel Guide

From a soaking pool in an old schoolhouse to donuts made by robots, Portland is among the most unique cities on the cannabis map. Here's the best way to spend 24 elevated hours here.

Survey Says Washington State Voters See Legalization Succeeding

Nearly four years after legalizing adult use, Washington state voters have shifted toward legalization and against prohibition.

No More Little Amsterdams: Seattle Zones Out Dispensary Districts

Changes to Seattle's buffer zones between cannabis businesses and areas like schools and parks are expected to bring shops into new neighborhoods.

Alaska to Become the First State with Legal Cannabis Cafés

Businesses allowing onsite consumption could become part of the state's cannabis culture as soon as this summer.

These Oregon Cities Have Banned Cannabis

Here's a list of the 79 cities and 17 counties in Oregon that have banned dispensaries, cultivation, processing or wholesale.

Recreational Cannabis Sales Tax Coming Soon to Oregon

Starting January 4th, 2016, all recreational purchases of marijuana in Oregon will be taxed at 25 percent, increasing the cost significantly.

Year in Review: 2015’s Biggest Moments in Cannabis

It’s been a year of notable progress for cannabis. Here's a roundup of some of the biggest victories we saw in 2015.

Obama Administration Backs Colorado in Supreme Court Lawsuit

The Justice Department's top courtroom lawyer asks the Supreme Court to toss Nebraska and Oklahoma's challenge to Colorado's recreational cannabis legalization.

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