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How Are Canadian Patients Using Medical Cannabis?

A new study led by medical cannabis provider Tilray shows how patients are working medical marijuana into their healthcare practices.

Federal Gov’t: Teen Cannabis Use Rate Drops to 20-Year Low

Cannabis consumption by US teenagers fell to a 20-year low in 2016, according to a new report by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Vast Majority of Pain Patients Prefer Cannabis to Opioids, Study Finds

A new survey found that nearly all respondents said they could reduce their opioid consumption after adding cannabis to their treatment regimen.

Poll: Canadians Want Ottawa to Erase Cannabis Convictions

A new Globe and Mail / Nanos Research poll finds 62% of Canadians want to pardon people convicted of cannabis possession.

Two-Thirds of Police Say Cannabis Laws Should Be Relaxed, Survey Says

More than two-thirds of police say cannabis consumption should be legal for either medical or adult use, according to a survey of nearly 8,000 officers.

CDC Says Teen Cannabis Use Dropping as More States Legalize

The results support data from a number of studies published recently, all of which reported a collective drop in teen cannabis use.

Behind the Headlines: That Colorado Report Means Less (and More) Than You Think

Yesterday’s release of a report on the effects of legalization in Colorado inspired dueling media narratives. Here’s the story behind the headlines.

Colorado Report: More Adults Using Cannabis, but Not Kids

Surveys given to middle- and high-schoolers indicate that youth marijuana use didn't rise significantly in the years after the 2012 vote.

Survey Says Washington State Voters See Legalization Succeeding

Nearly four years after legalizing adult use, Washington state voters have shifted toward legalization and against prohibition.

Swing State Voters Support Cannabis Legalization More Than Any 2016 Presidential Candidates

A new Quinnipiac poll of swing states found that the support for legalizing cannabis was higher than for any of the potential 2016 presidential candidates.

A New National Report Shows 72% of Americans in Favor of Cannabis Decriminalization

A new national survey found that the vast majority of American voters across all major demographics agree with lowering the penalties for cannabis possession.

Survey Shows Young Republicans Support Legal Cannabis, Indicating That Legalization is a Non-Partisan Issue

The Pew Research Center recently released a survey indicating that 63% of "Millennials" who consider themselves to be Republican support cannabis legalization.

92% of California Medical Marijuana Patients Said Cannabis Has Helped Them

Of a representative health survey of California adults, one in 20 have used medical cannabis, with 92% attesting medical cannabis was helpful in treating their disease or illness.

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