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State of the Leaf: Maine Opponents Abandon Recount. Is New Hampshire Legalization Next?

Maine's legalization measure officially becomes law, New Hampshire lawmakers eye legalization, and last call for pardons in Vermont!

State of the Leaf: Oregon Tests Cannabis More Than Its Food

An Arkansas legalization initiative bites the dust, Alaska opens its first testing lag, and why are some Florida ballots missing Amendment 2?

How a Maine Nurse is Leading Cannabis Legalization in the Northeast

Carey Clark, a medical professional for more than 20 years, only recently opened her eyes to the benefits of cannabis legalization. Here is her story.

Illinois Gov. Rauner Ignores MMJ Pleas, So Local Judge Takes Charge

When Gov. Rauner refused to add any new qualifying conditions, Cook County Judge Neil Cohen stepped in and ordered the changes.

A Tale of Two Initiatives: Big Trouble In Little Rock

Arkansas has not one but two initiatives to legalize medical cannabis. One now faces a lawsuit from a surprising source: a member of NORML’s legal committee.

Michigan Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Tax, Regulations

Michigan would tax medical marijuana in a tiered regulatory system that would explicitly authorize dispensaries.

State of the Leaf: Is ‘Europe’s Cannabis Capital’ Doomed?

Alaska gears up to open its adult-use market, Denver gets set to vote on social consumption, and New York is finally expanding medical marijuana.

Ohio Goes Medically Legal! It’s Not as Good as It Sounds!

It’s a major milestone in the state’s cannabis policy, but Ohio’s system is still a long way from workable.

Alaska Cannabis Regulators Poised to Approve Retail Licenses

The board regulating Alaska’s fledgling legal marijuana industry is expected to approve licenses this week for the state’s first retail marijuana outlets.

New York Looks to Expand Medical Marijuana Program

Only about 7,000 New Yorkers have signed up as patients in one of the most cautious medical marijuana programs in the nation. Now the state is looking to expand it.

Oregon’s Cannabis Lab-Accreditation Agency Is on the Verge of ‘Collapse’

A top official of the Oregon agency that accredits cannabis testing labs says it is overwhelmed — a situation that could derail the rollout of the state's adult-use program.

Why Did Cannabis Consumption Rise 3%, While Abuse Fell 30%?

More use but less abuse: We look at the factors involved in this curious conundrum.