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Hands-On With the Vivant Dabox Wax Vaporizer

Leafly's resident product guru and a dab newbie take the Dabox, a portable wax vaporizer from Vivant, for a test drive and offer their first impressions.

Leafly Budtender Panel: Watch Cannabis Industry Insiders Review Popular Vape Pens

In our first-ever Leafly Budtender Panel, watch Darren, Randi, and Taylor discuss the things they love most about three different vaporizer pens found on

A People’s History of Cannabis Consumption

From bundles of incense and clay pipes to glass pieces and the first ever vaporizer, learn the history of cannabis consumption through the years.

Top 10 Cannabis Strains on Leafly and the Best Vapes for Each

VaporNation paired the top 10 cannabis strains on Leafly with 10 vaporizers to see which worked best with each strain flavor. Find out the results!

How to Save Money and Conserve Your Cannabis With Vaporizers

Vaporizing cannabis flower and concentrates maximizes their effects, saving you money. These four vaporizers will pay for themselves in terms of cannabis savings.

Best Vaporizers for 4/20: VaporNation’s 2016 Vape Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re attending an statewide event, joining a local party, or ringing in the holiday with your Xbox and a pizza, do 4/20 right with the perfect vaporizer.