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Women Grow

5 Takeaways From Van der Pop’s ‘Women & Weed’

Van der Pop, North America's leading female-focused cannabis brand, held its very first Women & Weed event earlier this month in Toronto. Here's what we learned.

Women Grow Summit 2017: Meet 11 Leaders Driving the Cannabis Industry

This year's Women Grow Leadership Conference hosted cannabis entrepreneurs from around North America. We asked 11 of them: What's your reason?

Maryland Attorney Leah Heise Named CEO of Women Grow

The acclaimed international cannabis organization just announced a major transition in leadership.

The Shake: Ohio’s MMJ Campaign Shuts Down

Racial disparities persist in California, the fallout in Toronto continues after last week's raids, and can cannabis actually damage your DNA?

Jane’s Domain: At Willie’s Place, Loving the Acceptance and Support

Every woman in this industry deserves two things from their loved ones: acceptance and support.

Jane’s Domain: I’m Just Not Sorry

As I walked out onto the stage at the Women Grow Leadership Summit, I didn’t see just a cheering audience. I saw 1,400 women facing the future together.

Jane’s Domain: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Jane is my nom de plume of pot, adopted because I needed to take a leap out of my former professional career. That I did, head first.