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Women Grow

Cannabis Entrepreneur Antuanette Gomez Launches Bid for Toronto City Council

After breathing new life into the Toronto chapter of Women Grow, Antuanette Gomez is shifting her focus to politics and, beginning next month, making a run for Toronto city council.

5 Takeaways From Van der Pop’s ‘Women & Weed’

Van der Pop, North America's leading female-focused cannabis brand, held its very first Women & Weed event earlier this month in Toronto. Here's what we learned.

Women Grow Summit 2017: Meet 11 Leaders Driving the Cannabis Industry

This year's Women Grow Leadership Conference hosted cannabis entrepreneurs from around North America. We asked 11 of them: What's your reason?

Maryland Attorney Leah Heise Named CEO of Women Grow

The acclaimed international cannabis organization just announced a major transition in leadership.

The Shake: Ohio’s MMJ Campaign Shuts Down

Racial disparities persist in California, the fallout in Toronto continues after last week's raids, and can cannabis actually damage your DNA?

Jane’s Domain: At Willie’s Place, Loving the Acceptance and Support

Every woman in this industry deserves two things from their loved ones: acceptance and support.

Jane’s Domain: I’m Just Not Sorry

As I walked out onto the stage at the Women Grow Leadership Summit, I didn’t see just a cheering audience. I saw 1,400 women facing the future together.

Jane’s Domain: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Jane is my nom de plume of pot, adopted because I needed to take a leap out of my former professional career. That I did, head first.