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Airo Vapor Vaping Batteries & Power Airo Pro Battery

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Indigo/Airopro Battery

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Hands down ripper! This beautiful thing can also take a beating. I’ve had mine for over a year. The battery is still like new. The thing charges faster than most. The vibration as you take a pull is nice. no lights flashing. It fits nicely in my hand p/discreet. It will give you small vibrations as the battery lowers.. but that will take a while I am a heavy user. This by far is a beast when it comes to ripping major clouds. I’d love to comment on the cartridges because they’re amazing.

This product for not function. I bought it today. It worked twice. I'm trying to use it a third time nothing. Charged it to green three times and nothing. It vibrates five times, the red Halo flashes five times, no draw. Reading reviews, I'm not the only one with this problem. The battery is garbage and I'll be returning it tomorrow.

About this brand

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AiroPro's Advanced technology and solid construction allows for our vaporizers to reign first in reliability and performance with 3x the vapor. The vaporizer provides a smooth, easy draw that vibrates discretely to let you know it’s working. Available in AZ, CA, CO, IL, MD, MI, NM, NV, OK, OR, PR & WA! Winner of the best CBD cartridge at the 2019 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup Winner of the best CBD cartridge at the 2019 Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Winner if the best vape pen & CBD cartridge at the 2019 High Times Nevada Cannabis Cup Winner of the best vape pen & cartridge at the 2018 High Times World Cannabis Cup Winner of the best vape pen & cartridge at the 2017 High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup Vaporizer Best vapor delivery; 3X competitors Draw indicator discreetly vibrates when activated Long-lasting battery; rechargeable Durable exterior casing, virtually unbreakable under normal use Carrying Case offered with Indigo & Graphite Cartridge Revolutionary ceramic atomizer designed specifically for pure cannabis oil Magnetic, leak-resistant cartridges, pop on & off for ease of use Clean vapor with no burnt taste Oil Pure distillate oil Innovative portfolio: Strain Series, Artisan Series, Artisan CBD, Live Flower, Live Resin, etc. High potency