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by AltaVie

5 customer reviews


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It's decent weed won't send you over the top with euphoric vibes and lost thoughts but it will give you enough of a high to enjoy some drinks with friends and be socially happy .. plus it breathes easy not a lot of coughing


I think some people will really like this and others will hate it.. It was a crazy fun high when it wasn't sending me on a massive panic attack. Maybe people prone to anxiety or such should avoid this one? But I'm new to using weed and have only tried 4 strains so far, which isn't much to base this comparison on, so your millage may vary.


Ok, 1st review. I felt that this was a great smoke when I went to take the dog for a walk on a chilly night. It was definitely a positive high for me as I talked myself through some issue with work and other stuff and gave me great ideas. The dog got the benefit of a longer walk as I had tunes playing and it worked along with good tempo music. As a burnt it, I'm not the best at some heating the flavour bit I'd say it was piney-citrusy and it acted pretty fast. I liked the buzz and the mood. Great if you want to use your brain for ideas. I've got ADHD so maybe I was on a natural rush but it also helped me sort of anchor to an idea.


I tried this strain with a few friends and for me personally it was a bad life choice as I suffer from anxiety and this just sent me into a bad panic attack like 2 minutes into the high. everyone else really enjoyed it though and described it as a roller coaster high the reason for this is because youll peak and be super energetic but then it mellows for a bit before peaking back up and making you giggle then mellow again etc. its very much cerebral more than body high and youll tend to feel it near the front of your head. I based my rating on everyone elses experience vs mine as for me it was a bad fit but its not a bad strain .


It's ok but it gives me a little bit of anxiety unlike other strains.