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Cherry Wine CBD

Cherry Wine CBD

by Alter Farms

10 customer reviews


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Fri Jul 10 2020
Good flower and pain,anxiety and depression. Only is hybrid
Wed Feb 13 2019
Grew this strain last year it came in little low on CBD 11-13 % good stuff & with little work this could become a great strain.
Mon Dec 17 2018
They actually sell this at a local smoke shop by me. The container says 11.5% CBD tho w/ THC under 0.3%. it's very relaxing & I enjoy CBD strains even if they don't give you the regular high, it gives the body a nice feeling.
Thu Dec 13 2018
I’ am very excited about this CBD strain. I broke my neck pretty bad and deal with copious amounts of pain. Just love that word. (Copious) and after my 2 surgery I started experiencing seizures and they only got worse. Iv been smoke with this strain and I also use the vegetable glycerine fir ingesting and I also vape with it. In my case I can stop a seizure from happening if I can ingest or vape. And if I use it with indica it helps with pain tremendously. Pretty sure it helps my sleep too.
Mon Nov 12 2018
Great strain for pain relief. Mild relaxing body buzz that won’t put you to sleep. It did a great job of taking most of my arthritis away. Smooth smoke.
Thu Sep 20 2018
Dispensary: CHG, Toa Alta Grower: PRICH Biotech Method: 0.5 cartridge Potency: THC 5.3% CBD 55.78% CBG 1.30% Cost: $65 Effect: analgesic, pain killer Its a really nice flower, when vaping this cartridge, the effect its very strong and will last longer than vaping the flower. but still a great strain <<>> Dispensario: CHG, Toa Alta Cultivo: PRICH modo de Utilizacion: lapiz vaporizador 0.5 cartridge Potencia: THC 5.3% CBD 55.78% CBG 1.30% Costo: $65 Effecto: analgesico, ayuda a eliminar los dolores Es una buena cepa. cuado vaporizo el cartucho, el efecto es mas fuerte y dura mas que cuando uutilizo la flor. pero es muy buena en cualguiera de las dos formas
Sun Sep 09 2018
Very relaxing with mild or none euphoric effects. An excellent choice to stay comfortable at work. The best part is the relief of inflammation, anxiety or stress. I am patient of Fibromyalgia and arthritis. In love with this strain,
Fri Jul 27 2018
This strain is one of the best for pain relief. The CBD level is 19.54 with very low THC (0.73). Nice flavor and appearance.
Fri Jun 15 2018
this is probably my next favorite to Blue Dragon Desert Frost but this strain is slightly less relaxing and does a bit more for mood. i have bipolar, adhd, and anxiety and i think this helps with the first and last ones. i dont love weed because my brain chemistry is wacky but this strain is one of my favs.
Thu Jun 07 2018
This bud is outstanding! Almost no THC <1%. And the highest amount of CBD I have found in flower >19% smooth pull, with a pleasant flavor! Very relaxed body flow, maybe on the side of a little too relaxed (maybe mixing in a little low impact sativa might help with this?) But not overwhelming like an indica. Anxiety, and stress pain melt away, as well as phisical pain -I have a long list of broken parts that the V.A. just keeps shoveling "known to work" pain meds to me. This works 10 fold better! Wish I could find grow info for this...