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Avitas Cured Resin Cartridge 1g

Avitas Cured Resin Cartridge 1g

by Avitas

14 customer reviews


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Wed Mar 13 2019
Five stars are not enough to rate Avitas products. On every level, consistent quality, grade, effect, service - you simply cannot lose with this! Don't bother to mess around with "daily specials" or lower priced products - you get what you pay for 150% of the time. Avitas consistently exceeds my expectations every time I purchase. Any thing this company produces or represents is TOP SHELF. You have my personal guarantee on that - seriously. I am Avitas' BIGGEST fan! :):):)
Sun Aug 26 2018
This brand makes the rest pale in comparison. Avitonic is pretty special. Energizing and clear headed, creative and grounded with an all over buzz, topped with a fruity taste. Their Kobain K is whole other level too. Can’t say enough about these guys, all the ones I’ve tried were instant hits ;)
Sun Aug 26 2018
Make me a believer..damned if they didn't. After reading the feature detailing "clean room" processes and the rigor with which they engage them; oh yeah sez I , prove it. T'was a Sativa strain, Liberty, if memory serves, but I'll have to wait til I duplicate the experiment for confirmation. It was no creeper, more like a 13 lb sledge hammer betwèen the eyes: two hits and bezoingo I think I was studing Chinese arthmetic on the back of my eye lids. And peace and love ruled the world...maybe a #gofundme project to pay for research. My first comment on waking was "I can't believe this refer is that good!"
Tue Jul 31 2018
100% Better than the other brands I've tried (King Pen, Brass Knuckles, Treebase Klear). The full spectrum oil destroys you after one hit. Massive amount of flavor, and the high comes on quick. I've had God's Gift and Pure Kush, and I don't think I'll ever look back.
Fri Jan 05 2018
The best cartridges in WA. I love the new c-cell cartridge with the ceramic heating element. No more wicks and no more burnt taste. They hit so much better and they're leak proof too. I love the fact that Avitas does not cut their oil w any additives. It's the real deal pure clean Co2 oil and so many strains to pick from.
Fri Nov 03 2017
yum yum. Great product and pure oil, can't beat the flavor.
Tue Oct 24 2017
Picked up a Cinex cartridge at Vela in SODO Seattle. They captured the classic Cinex flavor well and heavy hitting ~75-80%. Stellar oil and was absolutely incredible price.
Mon Oct 09 2017
Start with flower covered in crystal as pure as the new driven snow. Add the aroma of intoxicating, fresh green. Now bottle it all and pass it around.
Thu Aug 31 2017
I recently which I did to give their cartridges a try. The first one I tried was Pennywise and it was amazing. It tasted sort of like oolong tea and was smooth and really great. When I had an issue with the cartridge and it stopped working their customer service was the best I've experienced in a long time. I will definitely continue to buy from them.
Sat Jul 29 2017
I have tried a lot of cartridges, and these guys have knocked it out of the park. The taste is smooth and natural, and it hits like a champion. Im excited for my store to get their Sativa for when I go hiking. The hybrids are balanced and the best of both worlds. I'm saving the best part for last. I had an issue with one of the cartridges, so I emailed them from their website. Someone got back to me in 10 minutes explainimg how sorry they were, and lmk they would gladly replace it. Their VP of sales contacted me and agreed to meet me at the store I frequent. This is all happening within about 1 hour. He gets me a replacement cartridge, explains the product to me, and I am back home with new cartridge within 1.5 hrs of my original email. The product is killer, but you can't beat that personal touch. Seriously, I recommend Avitas %100.