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Bedford Grow Cannabis Flower Black Kush

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Black Kush is loaded with Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene and Terpinolene which gives way to uplifting and relaxing effects. This is a high potency Indica which aids inducing sleep, soothing muscles and mind.

About this brand

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From seed to patient, Bedford Grow upholds itself to the highest standards in plant care and quality products to provide therapeutic healing for the patients of Illinois.

3 customer reviews


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Thu Jul 25 2019
This was a great strain. Some definite uplifting went on inside my brain and I was giggly, goofy and then the sedation hit. It’s great before sleep, but I’ve also used it in the day with no problems. The only reason I give it 4 stars is related to the taste and scent - I’m just not a line fan, at least that strong. Otherwise, I definitely recommend this to chronic pain sufferers, and people with depression and anxiety.
Sun Jul 01 2018
Nice piney flavour. Potent stuff. Nice piney flavour. At first feels like a sativa-gives you a kick in the head then starts your energy going. It levels off after a few minutes then gives you a sort of mellow but energetic high with a fairly clear mind. You could play games on this stuff, converse with friends, or go throw a frisbee. You can also chill on the couch but it wont leave you unable to get up. If you don't take too much, it doesn't make your heart race or get you paranoid, but many strains can if you don't treat them with respect. For a newbie, this would not be so overwhelming, and because it doesn't make your mind go too far, it wouldn't freak you out. As I said though its potent so take a toke and sample its effects first and your laughing. It is very much like Trainwreck except not as much euphoria .
Fri Jun 08 2018
Good day. I can honestly tell you, that apart from cannabis I have consumer in Ochos Rio Jamaica, that, this is the best strain I have ever consumed. It induces a touch of "couch lock" (a con in my opinion), yet does not induce full fledged lethargy, something that cannabis is sometimes linked to. While using this strain, it's easy to maintain a high level mental clarity. It isn't overpowering or overwhelming. Nor is it underwhelming. Frankly, using this doesn't remind of any other type of cannabis I have ever used. It's unique, pleasant and pleasing. As much warrants a 5 star rating. Best strain I have sampled to date. Godspeed.