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Diamond Breath Live Resin 1g

by Bobsled Extracts

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Bobsled Extracts Concentrates Solvent Diamond Breath Live Resin 1g
Bobsled Extracts Concentrates Solvent Diamond Breath Live Resin 1g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

54.69% THC 14.71% Terpenes A calm, cool and collected euphoria with an uplifting, cerebral energy. This hybrid is a rare gem!

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About this brand

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Hi there! We are Bobsled - an independent cannabis company rooted in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in quality and integrity. From soil to shelf, we obsess over our process so you can partake with a clear conscience. We make extracts for every occasion and every palate, all based off of our leading quality, flash-frozen live resin. As native Oregonians, we work to build the industry into the best it can be, beginning with integrity and sustainability. We intentionally set (and re-set) the industry standards higher so that you can relax and enjoy the result. Let us make your day better.