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Large Hydroponic & Dirt LED Light Cabinet Garden™ for Home Cannabis Growing

by Cabinet Garden

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Cabinet Garden Growing Grow Tents Large Hydroponic & Dirt LED Light Cabinet Garden™ for Home Cannabis Growing
Cabinet Garden Growing Grow Tents Large Hydroponic & Dirt LED Light Cabinet Garden™ for Home Cannabis Growing
Cabinet Garden Growing Grow Tents Large Hydroponic & Dirt LED Light Cabinet Garden™ for Home Cannabis Growing
Cabinet Garden Growing Grow Tents Large Hydroponic & Dirt LED Light Cabinet Garden™ for Home Cannabis Growing


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About this product

THE KING OF INDOOR GROW CABINETS The Large Cabinet Garden™ is your best choice for cultivating a large quantity of organic fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices for your family. A complete SuperPonics/Hydroponic gardening system that uses the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology to grow at home, year round. Fully assembled right out of the box, this 71”(H) x 36”(W) x 25”(D) extra-wide cabinet comes ready to use with all the components included—just plug it in, add water and grow. You will appreciate this high-powered cabinet that’s equipped for maximum production capacity while only using a small area within your home about the size of a refrigerator. GROW BIGGER & FASTER USING SUPERPONICS* SuperPonics*, a next generation hydroponic technology, supplying a stream of nutrient-rich water solutions from the top down and from the bottom up. This advanced, user-friendly hydroponic setup enables growth rates up to 5 times quicker than soil. A hybrid of drip feed, bubble/aeroponics and deep water culture, SuperPonics provides your plants with multiple sources of nutrient-rich water solutions without restricting access to much-needed CO2. *Note: Every Cabinet Garden™ is also compatible with traditional soil-based growing of plants. SuperPonics is an option for those who prefer this method. We suggest exploring both options to see which is best for your lifestyle and gardening preferences. MORE AIRFLOW FOR HIGHER YIELDS Ultimately, every plant needs only air, water, and light to thrive and produce impressive yields. CO2 in the air is one of the most important ingredients your garden needs to grow, fueling the process of photosynthesis. As oxygen-rich air is expelled by the exhaust fan, new carbon dioxide-rich air is pulled into the chamber and distributed evenly via an internal circulation fan. Photosynthesis uses the CO2 in the air to create glucose, which is the fuel that plants use for both vegetative growth and flowering. This Cabinet Garden™ comes with our 3-piece airflow system to ensure that your plants have a surplus of the carbon dioxide they need to grow. 1. Internal Circulation Fan: Constant circulation within the growth chamber promotes thick stalk and strong branching, which provide the support needed for heavy fruiting plants. 2. Exhaust Fan: Light-cooling effects and a constant supply of outside air causes a light vacuum in the environment, ridding the chamber of used air and introducing new, CO2-rich air from outside the garden. 3. Activated Carbon Filter: Completely neutralizes the odors of even the most aromatic herbs and spices, filtering out odor-causing molecules before exhausting clean air back into your home. 400W FULL SPECTRUM LED LIGHTING SYSTEM The included high-intensity 400 watt LED grow light provides high photosynthetically-active radiation (PAR) ratings, giving your garden the complete spectrum it craves for high-yield production. The full spectrum provided by this lighting system mimics the sun, providing the intensity needed for canopy penetration while remaining cool to maintain the ideal growth conditions within the chamber and decrease power draw. Not only that, but the vertical supplementation from the T5 side lights helps provide 360 degree illumination throughout the canopy, increasing yields and ensuring that even the small lower branches bear fruit. FULL WATERING & NUTRIENT AUTOMATION The Large Cabinet Garden™ houses six to twelve plants in the main chamber, automatically supplying water and nutrient solution from the reservoir on preset intervals. Our top-feeding Drip System eliminates the risk posed by power outages, while the growth-accelerating Deep Water Culture system (DWC) with integrated Aeroponics sprayer mists the roots with an easy-to-absorb aerated nutrient solution from the underside. With the included net trellis, this proprietary auto-watering system will produce up to 30% more growth while consuming 20% less energy than traditional systems. Simply clean and refill the reservoir every 1-2 weeks and check that it maintains the proper pH level, then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of your high-yielding home garden. CLEAN BY DESIGN Adjustable reflective panels disperse light throughout the entire growth chamber, acting as a preventative measure against the common grow room enemies of mold and mildew. We consider maintenance and upkeep equally as important as the functional attributes of the cabinet, so we have eliminated every little crevice that dirt and bacteria might seek to use as a foothold. Mitigating this risk gives your garden the ability to dedicate all of its energy to growing big, developing strong branches, and producing beautiful flowers and fruits. INDUSTRY-LEADING CUSTOMER SUPPORT Our goal is to provide you best-in-class customer support for the entire life of your cabinet. We guide you through the fundamentals, from the initial setup all the way to harvest. If you have additional questions, our indoor gardening experts are available daily to make sure that you have everything that you need to succeed. We’re here to make your home gardening experience as smooth and painless as possible, from your first harvest until long after you consider yourself a veteran grower. ORDER TODAY & GET GROWING AT HOME!

About this brand

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We have created the ideal indoor ecosystem for easily growing delicious pesticide-free organic fruits, veggies, and herbs—all within the comfort and convenience of your home! The Cabinet Garden™ complete home gardening system uses the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient cultivation technology to produce superior quality plants in a lockable cabinet that can be tucked away in a closet for discreet security.

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