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by Canna Organix

6 customer reviews


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Mine was finished in supersoil, under a 630w cmh. I find I barely notice a yield drop from a 1000w HPS, and my buds actually produce alot more sugar. This hits the head with a nice fuzz, yet I can still be productive. I wouldn't use it during the day though. It seems to bring on some anxiety within the first 20 minutes, but I find myself smiling for no reason, over and over. I would say it's a top 25 for me, and I've been a daily smoker for 22 years. Definitely a couch lock weed if you smoke it while sitting down, and don't get right up.


This Bud smells just like puppy breath! And the high is super strong and hits you like a Semi-Truck Strong unique earthy taste, that will make you go back for another pull. Lots of Purple and Orange, and lots of Character. This Bud was like getting an uppercut from Tyson.... Lights Out. Couldn't ask for anything better.


The main effects came on quickly, like maybe on the second hit. Additional hits increased the high smoothly up to that peak where more hits aren't going to get you any higher. The peak high delivered a very nice head-to-toe relaxation and a decrease of stress. The body high was very good... not the best I've had, but still excellent. I've been having some back pain over the last couple of days, but I noticed that pain has gone away for the time being. I've also had a chronic cough that is very annoying, but I haven't been coughing since I started smoking. I'm still at peak high while I'm writing this, but I predict that the high is going to last a nice long time. I haven't had at hit in maybe 30 minutes now, and I can't tell any difference. There was some head high, but I never became the creative and insightful version of myself that I get with some hybrid strains (or, of course, near-pure sativas). My mood was elevated somewhat, but I did notice that I was still a little grumpy even after I first reached peak. I had been in a mildly pissy mood before I started smoking and was disappointed that I was still feeling a little grumpy even after I reached peak. So, for me, there wasn't much euphoria. Just a little. Let's see.... what else? The aroma is great. The taste is average. The drags were very smooth. I don't know what strain my previous stash was, but it made me cough and it wasn't a pleasant smoke. This strain, however, was smooth and easy to inhale. Over all, I give gelato four stars, but I may have gone with four and a half if that had been an option. That's about all that's coming to mind right now. I'm due for another hit!


My favorite strain. Got my friend that doesnt smoke grass a lot (but vapes) high in one medium-sized hit. Sent me floating after one hit from a joint as well. Great for daytime use. This strain provides a pretty classicalish type high-- making you think you didnt do something you did, giggly, happy, euphoric, creative... There is also a stoned effect as well. I wrote three essays on this strain and when sober they were pretty great!