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CBD Relief Oil

CBD Relief Oil

by Canvas 1839

10 customer reviews


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I really enjoy this stuff! I went for the 300mg bottle. I like the taste quite a bit more than others I've tried. It's hard to describe, but it's reminiscent of hemp without being too in your face. It's got a slightly sweet/pepperminty aftertaste that doesn't linger long. Probably a great option for folks who are hesitant to try CBD oil like parents/grandparents.


This product materially has changed my life. I have a stressful occupation, and periodically had to resort to Ambien to get a full night's sleep. A dropper full of the relief oil works better, and has none of the side effects. It's not that the oil makes one drowsy --- rather that it has a general calming effect. The taste is very pleasant, too. I highly recommend this product.


Really impressed. Canvas makes top quality CBD products. I have a really stressful job and have been using the oil daily. It really works! I feel a lot calmer and more focused. And the cream is awesome for aches and pains. I have no idea how it goes so deep beneath the skin, but I can feel it working almost instantly. Just a tiny bit goes a long way! The price for both of these is really good compared to other high-end CBD on the market. I tried Lord Jones oil and not only did it taste bad, it was half as strong as Canvas. And I have yet to find another cream with 500mg of CBD.


Compared to the other cbd oils i've tried, this is the one I tend to reach for the most. I've found many are either artificially flavored, leave a generally unpleasant aftertaste, or are so oily, they give me an upset stomach. I've worked out that 300mg twice a day is just right for me –– morning to ease mental tension and prepare me for the day, and night to put me to sleep.


I take this in the evening before bed and it seriously helps me sleep! Also the clean herbal flavor is kind of relaxing.


This is one of the only things that helps me get a full night of sleep – I take it about an hour before bed and it works like a charm.


When I use daily, I notice that I don't experience nearly as much restless leg syndrome and I don't feel anxious or overwhelmed as easily - great for keeping me at a more even keel.


What I like most about Canvas 1839 is that it convinces even the most hardened skeptics. I give their starter pack frequently as a gift (a dozen times and counting) — birthdays, thank you's, etc. The brand is approachable, artful, and science-driven. Product itself is great. I use the cream on my back and legs to help manage post-microdiscectomy nerve flares, and I use the tincture post-swimming for recovery and to promote better sleep


I've never slept well, and so I bought this one after a friend told me about it. I'm not sure it helped, (I've only been using it for a week). That said, it tastes really nice and it doesn't leave a weird sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach like some of the other tinctures do. I'm going to keep trying it even though I don't feel much day to day because it tastes so nice!


After having my third baby, I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious — I couldn’t keep up with important things, like keeping up and enjoying time with my kids, because I was bogged down by my mountainous to-do list. I started taking Canvas 1839 oil about 2 months ago and have noticed a tremendous change. I’m no longer in a constant state of panic, instead able to let go of things that really don’t matter, or at least get to it later. I’d highly recommend (and have!) anyone struggling with anxiety or sleep to give this product a try for a few weeks.