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About this product

Experience the systemic effects of our CBD Relief Oil coupled with the local effects of our CBD Relief Cream. Our Starter Pack gives you what you need to begin experiencing the restorative power of phytocannabinoids.

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Since first purchasing the starter pack in early April, my experience with Canvas 1839 products has been uniformly excellent -- remarkable at times. I'm 65 years old and began using Canvas 1839 Relief Cream (as soon as I opened it) for aches and pains resulting from workouts and from chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease. For most pains (especially neck, shoulder and back), the cream has provided almost immediate and often significant relief. Although I understand it is intended as temporary relief, it frequently interrupts chronic pain cycles sufficiently to get me through many hours pain free. It has also stopped neuropathic pain in my toes. I keep it handy to reapply as needed, which I find to be economical since a little product goes a long way. I'm what we used to call a Type A personality (tend to do too much). Since 2010, I've dealt with poor sleep and increased anxiety due to additional roles I necessarily assumed for my parents. Although I'd heard that CBD might help restore healthy sleep patterns and ease anxiety, initially I hesitated about using the oil. I'd tried other brands of CBD oil in the fall of 2018 and found them to be unpalatable and ineffective. When I finally decided to try Canvas 1839 Relief Oil in mid-April, I took no sleep aid with it in in order to determine whether and what kind of effect it might have. Here's what I noticed: 1) the oil's pleasant taste, leaving no aftertaste for me. 2) feeling calm, mildly sleepy and placing my book on the nightstand after about 5 minutes of reading 3) waking up the next morning after a solid night's sleep with no grogginess or after-effect of any type. Having expected nothing based on my trials of other CBD oils, I was thrilled to experience the first full night's sleep I'd had without a sleep aid in almost a decade. I've continued to take the oil nightly, usually with the same welcome result. I have experienced two nights when extremely high acute stress overpowered the relief response I typically get from the oil and on those occasions I added a melatonin, which worked for me. Sleeping with the Canvas oil allows me to easily return to sleep after interruptions like "bladder calls," my sleep mate's sinus troubles or howls from my schnoodle when thunder rolls in. After several weeks of experiencing how the oil "allows my sleep to happen" without feeling any side effects, I began using the oil during the daytime with excellent results. Without giving me any sense that it's controlling me, dumbing me down or making me woozy/sleepy, the Canvas Relief Oil has smoothed out my days like nothing else ever has (prescription or OTC). Within thirty minutes or so of taking 3/4 of a dropper, I simply feel at ease with myself -- a sense of equanimity that supports me through the day. My 82 aunt's doctor just prescribed "CBD oil" for her. Sent her Canvas 1839 and will post her result. Try it!!!


WOW! This cream really works! I have bad carpal tunnel from typing all day and my neck always aches from sitting in front of a computer. I rub some of this on every night, and it handles the pain instantly. I also have bad knees from running, and this really works well for joint pain and inflammation. I love that this cream is unscented (I was using Ben Gay before, and this is so much better). It's smooth - like a luxury face cream. (I tried another CBD topical balm, and it was waxy and smelled bad. It actually stained my shirt!) Canvas absorbs nicely and gets to the pain fast - so I know it's working. I will be buying more of this, for sure.


My massage therapist recommended this brand to me, so I bought the starter kit. It comes with a 300mg cbd oil and 500mg cbd cream, both of which I've begun using daily (i think they work better in unison). The oil has probably the best flavor of all the tinctures i've tried.

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