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Cellmax Coco Soil Mix

by Cellmax Nutrients

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Cellmax Nutrients Growing Grow Media Cellmax Coco Soil Mix

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About this product

Cocos has been used for years as a substrate in Dutch professional horticulture because of its excellent properties and growing results. Cocos is famous for its ideal air-to-water ratio: the high air volume in cocos allows plants to develop a better root system. Cellmax Coco Soil Mix consists entirely of coco peat, which is the best-known ingredient in cocos substrates. Coco peat has a very homogeneous structure, meaning it can buffer a large amount of water. This water is easily available for plants, with an accessible water percentage of 32% and an air content of around 21% (volume fraction) at -10cm pressure height. This high air content leads to better, faster and more intensive rooting, meaning the cultivation period can be shortened. Cellmax Coco Soil Mix does not contain any added fertilizers, and it is therefore ideal for seeds and young plants. It is however important to begin by adding fertilizers to prevent plant deficiencies. You can use fertilizers specifically designed for Cocos like Cellmax Coco Grow or Cellmax Coco Bloom right after planting. Buffered For cocos to be a substrate suitable for cultivation, the material must first be buffered, so your Cellmax Coco Soil Mix has been pre buffered. Untreated cocos consists for the most part of potassium (K+) and sodium (Na+) ions. When cocos is used in horticulture without buffering and a nutrient solution is given, the cocos structure will ex-change positively charged ions for other positively charged ions. This happens until a new balance is found, mainly in the form of calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+). As a result, potassium and sodium are released from the complex and become available to the plant. When a nutrient solution is fed to the plant, all calcium and magnesium from the fertilizer is ‘eaten’ by the complex, and is then no longer available to the plant. In addition, potassium is added to the nutrient solution, creating an excess of this element. To prevent this, the exchange pro-cess must take place before the substrate goes to the grower. Cellmax Coco Soil Mix is a high quality, clean and safe product. This product is free of germs, pathogens and excess salts. Coco Soil Mix is RHP Certified for Horticulture and Consumer use.

About this brand

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Cellmax is a Dutch brand in fertilizers,nutrients and substrates for your plants. Cellmax was founded in 1996 with one basic assumption; What is good can be better. Today we've grown to a great company delivering our products all over the world

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