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Wed Jan 06 2021
What a great high. Tastes amazing. Smooth AF. Don’t grind it.
Fri May 01 2020
Rolled a joint and felt it creep in about half way through. Definitely a go to for pain relief. I'm sensitive to Indica's this got me melted but not couch locked. Ground up the purple was obvious and was smooth on the lungs. I would purchase this strain again in the future.
Sat Feb 01 2020
There are 2 chronic pain sufferers in our household. This has to be one of the absolute best strains we have come across. A GREAT balanced high. Relieves the pain and relaxing. Will give you the giggles for sure! Highly recommend!!!
Sat Jan 25 2020
Believe the hype. This is one of the best strains I've ever had. High THC content but won't leave you too stoned. Clear powerful high. Tastes great and is very smooth. Highly recommended
Sun Dec 29 2019
I didn’t believe any of the previous reviews as they seemed to commercial HOWEVER I am know a BELIEVER!!! This strain will have you buzz light years lit in after the first hit. I took 3 hits and before I knew it I was on the floor laughing hysterically at a damn Geico commercial. If you are looking for a great ride - look no further! I’m having a blast all by my damn self. I suffer from chronic pain and in this moment I feel like I can fly like an eagle bihhhhh. If you come across this strain do yourself a favor and STOCK UP! For the past 2 years, I have tree therapy every day and let me tell you, this stuff has me feeling like a rookie!
Fri Dec 27 2019
The Smell is STRONG but MAGNIFICENT. Great Aroma Buds are beautiful and break up nice The High is very lengthy very euphoric which is what you want. Worth every right to be Top 5 as of now. 5 stars!
Sat Dec 07 2019
Just wow!!! I mean... I've been smoking for 20 years and my tolerance is pretty damn high. I can smoke two fat blunts and have a nice buzz but not that stoned feeling, I haven't been this high since my first trip to CO 😁 but its a good relaxed tingly body high.. I feel like I'm in a jacuzzi right now relaxed... But I must say that it really mellows you out but don't over smoke it lol unless you going to bed. I'm about to play smoke Luigi's Mansion... Yeah let's see how this goes 😂
Wed Nov 27 2019
So.....this is the strain you want to tell everyone about, because its STUPID! STUPID!....It is so right, youre not sure you'll be right again..... But part of me is thinking, maybe keep it a secret! This stuff is Exquisite. The aroma/taste is a sweet nutty slightly spicy sugar cookie....yeah! But the spice doesnt get you in the nostrals! You feel tension start to resolve all while you are thinking, it smells so good you want to eat it. I feel euphoric, and much of the stressful, stressful.......very stressful day, has been forgotten. I am feeling numbed pain in my foot (issues) and shoulder, instead of pain it just feels heavy, I'll take it. My anxiety/Paranoia is so chill, and my eyes are fuzzzzzie! It is wild to think after 16 months of daily THC intake, I found an INCREDIBLE new strain. There is no reason why anyone wouldn't get something from this strain. If you come across this, do yourself a favor, have some BISCOTTI!
Fri Nov 08 2019
This has to be one if not the best strain I’ve gotten my hands on. Creamy, fruity, CLEAN SMOKE. The high is great, lengthy and euphoric.
Tue Oct 15 2019
Good herb with great taste. THC contents are boosting. I want to see some CBD with the THC like original herb was